Monday, September 16, 2013

Attack of the Dinosaurs

Attack of the Dinosaurs Unknown Egyptian poster

This is a picture of one of my poster problems. I've got thousands of Egyptian posters for foreign films and I've been able to identify the films for 99 percent of them, but this is one of the exceptions. The only information about the film on this poster is the yellow Arabic title, which says "Attack of the Dinosaurs," which isn't much help. Maybe the original title isn't even English, and even if it is, it might be something like "Assault of the Dinosaurs" or "Invasion of the Dinosaurs." Even more likely is that this Arabic title is not even close to the original film title--and the Egyptians tend to make up titles for the films they are promoting that have very little to do with the original title or film content. What I usually rely on to identify a film for an Egyptian poster is things like the names of cast members or the name of the director. That gives me a starting point and I can usually track it down from there, but nothing like that is printed on this poster. The text in the bottom margin and in the uper right just says the film was distributed by Gold Star Films. What I really need is help from someone with a sharp eye and a good memory who knows the key art on the poster and can tell me what film it promoted. The big lizard in the background looks just like Godzilla, and the little lizard looks a lot like Godzilla Jr., but the foreground insect-thing menacing the pretty blonde lady is completely unknown to me. Any ideas?

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