Friday, May 21, 2010

Posters from Egypt

I just got back from 5 weeks in Egypt. While I was there I did find some posters that I was looking for, but I also discovered that the market for posters there is changing--they are getting more expensive! Not only that, but the ones I really want are getting harder to find now that I've already acquired most of the common ones.

It is like the situation I used to see in Nashville when I went there looking for rare country and western vinyl LPs. If I found that rare old Ferlin Husky LP, it was sure to cost much more in Nashville than it would cost anywhere else because the person who has it in Nashville is saving it as part of his retirement package!

After leaving Egypt this time I found a couple of Internet sites that are selling Egyptian film posters. I ordered several from both of them. Their high prices were more than I'm used to paying in Egypt, but getting them doesn't require a plane ticket, a hotel room or time away from work, so in the long run it is probably actually less expensive, especially when the search time is included in the cost calculation.