Saturday, November 30, 2013

Life and Hope (1961)

Life and Hope [hayat wa amal] (1961) - (Imane) Egyptian film poster

This is a picture of a 27" x 39" Egyptian poster designed by Mohammad Aziz to promote the 1961 95-minute Zoheir Bakir black-and-white film Life and Hope [hayat wa amal] starring Imane based on story and screenplay by Zoheir Bakir with dialogue by Adly Nour and cinematography by Ali Hassan. Plot summary: The famous soccer player Kamal married Salwa, the daughter of an industrialist, while at the same time her cousin was wanting to marry her. The two lived happily, then Kamal went abroad to play in a tournament. The plane crashed and everyone was killed except Kamal, who landed on the coast of Lebanon. A Lebanese girl picked him up, took him to her family and discovered he had lost his memory. She took care of him, and in his new identity he fell in love with her. Then they married. Back in Egypt after Salwa learned he had died she agreed to a paper marriage to her cousin. The years passed and Kamal became a success. He went to Egypt with his second wife to to sign a contract for a special deal in the textile business. Salwa saw him there and tried to tell him the truth, but his Lebanese wife kept a watch on this. Kamal didn't return to his original identity until he had been injured in an automobile accident. Then the Lebanese wife went back to her country after deciding to sacrifice her husband, and Kamal went back to Salwa.

Cast and crew: Imane, Ahmed Ramzy, Nagwa Fouad, Zoheir Bakir, Mahmoud Azmy, Abdel Ghani Kamar, Abdel Moneim Ibrahim, Ahmed Mazhar, Ali Hassan, Julia Daw, Adly Kasseb, Nahed Samir, Mohamed Reda, Mohamed Al-Tayeb, Adly Nour, Yasmin, Ahmed Abu'ebia, Ebtesam Helmy, Abu Lam'a, Dr. Shadid, Kamal Al-Zeyni

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Friday, November 29, 2013

Sameh Fathi: Egyptian Poster Collector

This week the Egyptian English weekly Al-Ahram has published an illustrated article by Nevine El-Aref about a poster exhibition in Cairo mounted by Mr. Sameh Fathi, an avid collector of Egyptian film posters, in which he discusses his lifelong hobby and his plans for the creation of a permanent museum in Egypt for Egyptian film posters.

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The Law of the Jungle حكم القوي - (Farid Shawqi) - (1950) Egyptian rerelease one-sheet

The Law of the Jungle (1950) - (Farid Shawqi) Egyptian one-sheet

This is a picture of an undated Egyptian rerelease poster printed by the Arab Cinema Printers to promote the 1950 103-minute Hassan Al Imam black-and-white film Law of the Jungle [hokm al-'awi] starring Farid Shawqi based on a screenplay by Hassan Al Imam with dialogue by El Sayed Bedeir. Cinematography was by Francois Farkas; the film was produced by the Nehas Film Company. Plot summary: Medhat Abel Nabi was an engineer who owned a factory with his partner Qasem. The two of them were opposites ethically. Qasem did not know the meaning of friendship and he preferred the company to Medhat, who had become its sole owner. Qasem lived for pleasure and lost all his money gambling. After that he met a rich man and deluded him about a project that would supposedly make an enormous amount of money after implementation, but the wealthy man learned the truth about Qasem and that he was really just a swindler. He refused the project Qasem was offering. They quarreled and the rich man was killed. Qasem was accused of the crime but in a deception he pinned the accusation on Medhat, who was then arrested and condemned to death. However in the end the truth was discovered, Medhat was found innocent and the real perpetrator received his punishment.

Cast and crew: Hassan Al Imam, Mohsen Sarhan, Zuzu Shakeeb, Farid Shawqi, Hoda Soltan, Zouzou Mady, Abbas Fares, Seraj Munir, Abdel Waress Assar, El Sayed Bedeir, Francois Farkas, Mahmoud Choukoukou, Souraya Helmy, Soheir Fakhry, Zaki Ibrahim, Zakia Ibrahim, Abdel Rahim al-Zorqani, Zouzou Nabil, Abdel Alim Khattab, Abdel Moneim Ismail, Sanaa Gamil

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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Lady of the Palace سيدة القصر - (Faten Hamama, Omar Sharif) - (1959)

Lady of the Palace [sayedet al-qasr] (1959) - (Faten Hamama/Omar Sharif) Egyptian film poster

This is an original 27" x 39" Egyptian stone lithograph poster designed by an unknown artist to promote the 1959 126-minute Kamal El Sheikh black-and-white film Lady of the Palace [sayedet al-qasr] starring Faten Hamama and Omar Sharif based on story, screenplay and dialogue by Hussein Helmy Al-Mohandes with cinematography by Abdelhalim Nasr. The film was produced by the Cinema Union Films Company.

Plot summary: Faten Hamama is Sawsan, a middle-class orphan who is approached and later married by the wealthy Adel (Omar Sharif). Adel orders Sawsan to stay home because His playboy friends are uncomfortable with her. There she works Adel's land with one of his old friends, Shafeek (Stephan Rosti). Adel's other friends try to destroy the marriage by telling him Sawsan is having an affair with a friend. They also try to take advantage of him financially and get him to sell his land. Shafeek convinces Adel not to sell his land. After seeing his mistake. Adel leaves his friends and returns to his wife.

Cast and crew: Faten Hamama, Omar Sharif, Zouzou Mady, Moar El-Hariri, Kamal El Sheikh, Stephan Rosti, Abdelhalim Nasr, Hussein Helmy Al-Mohandes, Shafik Noureddin, Iskandar Mansy, Tewfiq Sadiq, Abdel Moneim Seoudy

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The Lady of the House [ست البيت] - (Faten Hamama) (1949) - Egyptian one-sheet

Lady of the House (1949) - (Faten Hamama) Egyptian one-sheet

This is a 24" x 35" original Egyptian stone lithograph film poster designed by Hassan Mazhar Gasour to promote the 1949 97-minute Ahmad Kamel Morsi black-and-white film The Lady of the House [sett al-beyt] starring Faten Hamama based on story and dialogue by Abu Seoud El-Ibiary and screenplay by Ahmed Kamel Morsi and Henry Barakat, with cinematography by Giulio De Luca. The film was produced and distributed by Lotus Films (Asia).

Plot summary: Elham [Faten Hamama] marries Nabil [Imad Hamdi] and moves with him to his mother's house. Problems arise there between Elham and her mother-in-law [Zeinab Sedky]. Nabil's mother is threatened by Elham who seems to be more the "lady of the house" than she is. Because of this antagonism--and after discovering that Elham might be sterile--the mother-in-law tries to convince her son to marry another woman, Madiha [Mona].

Elham decides to leave the house, but on her way out she stumbles on a railroad track and is taken to the hospital. The doctor tells Nabil that Elham was pregnant when she fell and had a miscarriage. Nabil is devastated and blames his mother. The mother apologizes to Elham and asks for forgiveness.

Cast and crew: Faten Hamama, Ahmed Kamel Morsi, Hosna Solomon, Imad Hamdi, Zeinab Sedky, Abu Seoud El-Ibiary, Mona, Souraya Fakhry, Naima Akef, Giulio De Luca, Mohammed Kamel, Hosana, Abdel Aziz Mahmoud, Saad Makawy, Mahmoud Choukoukou

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Lady Feyrouz فيروز هانم (Fayrouz) - (1951) Egyptian one-sheet

Lady Fayrouz (1951) - (Fayrouz) Egyptian one-sheet

This a picture of a 27" x 39" Egyptian poster designed by Hassan Mazhar Gasour and Ahmed Fouad to promote the 1951 Abbas Kamel 120-minute black-and-white film Lady Feyrouz [firuz hanem] starring Fayrouz based on story and screenplay by Abbas Kamel with cinematography by Mahmoud Nasr. The poster was printed by Dar al-Tabaa printers and distributed by Anwar Wagdi and Company. Plot summary: The little girl Feyrouz received a large inheritance from her father. She was friends with a poor boy and a guardian managed her property. The guardian made a deal with his secretary to steal the little girl's money and accuse the little boy of the theft. Feyrouz did not like the accusation against the boy and she realized the guardian had a mistress helping him. She confronted her and demanded the truth about what the guardian had done. When she learned the guardian had been planning to take her money she had him arrested. She realized her money was making the people around her greedy so she donated it for the construction of a home for orphans and the disabled.

Cast and crew: Abbas Kamel, Taheya Cariocca, Hassan Fayek, Anwar Wagdi, Fayrouz, Stephan Rosti, Ferdoos Mohammed, Mohammed Al-Bakkar, Abdel Moniem Ismail, Abdel Fatah Al Kasri, Mahmoud Nasr, Lola Abdou, Abdel Hamid Zaki, Hassan Attalah, Abdel Moneim Ismail

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Bob Peak: Father of the Modern Hollywood Poster

YouTube (slide show with music, showing Peak's film poster design legacy)

Bob Peak 1927 - 1992 was another great American film poster artist, and a contemporary of Reynold Brown.

Reynold Brown: The Man Who Drew Bug-Eyed Monsters (1994)

The Night Walker (1965) - (Barbara Stanwyck), one of Reynold Brown's best known film poster designs

Reynold Brown (1917 - 1991) was one of the greatest designers of American film posters. In 1994 Mel Bucklin made an excellent documentary about his life and work, available for viewing here on YouTube in four parts:

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Lace دانتيلا (Youssra) - (1993) Egyptian one-sheet

Lace (1993) - (Youssra) Egyptian one-sheet

Shown here is a 27.5" x 39.25" Egyptian poster designed by Morteda to promote the 1993 117-minute Inas Al Degheidy color film Lace [dentelle] starring Youssra based on a story by Hala Sarhan, screenplay and dialogue by Rafiq As-Sabban, Inas Al Degheidi and Mostafa Moharram and cinematography by Maher Rady. Plot summary: A little rich girl named Maryam (Ilham Shaheen) was about to drown in the ocean but a poor little girl named Sahar al-Layali (Youssra) saved her; this became the foundation of a firm friendship which continued until Maryam grew up and became an attorney. Sahar al-Layali went from singing popular youth songs at weddings, then at circuses and then in cabarets. She sang well enough that she became a radio singer, but when she hit someone with her fast automobile Maryam came to rescue her at the police station. There they met a police officer named Hossam (Mahmoud Hemida). They all three fell in love and became a tight threesome. Then Maryam, seeing that they were in love, left Sahar al-Layali and Hossam to go their own way. She decided to marry a businessman named Wagdi and went to live with him in Canada. Hossam was hurt by Maryam's departure but he married Sahar al-Layali. Maryam's marriage failed, and after three months she got a divorce and went back to Cairo. Then Hossam and Maryam got married too after a long hesitation, with the consent of Sahar al-Layali. He divided his time between them according to a timetable, but this undermined Maryam's working life; she lost an important case and her client was condemned to death. Hossam neglected his job for a month, Sahar al-Layali was fired from the hotel where she was singing, their beautiful friendship was lost and problems overtook their lives. Maryam got pregnant and Sahar discovered she was sterile. She got into an automobile accident and miraculously escaped death. Hossam decided to divorce Maryam and Sahar al-Layali so he could go back to being friends with both of them without any more quarreling, but Maryam had a baby girl and decided to raise her without any contact with the father! The soundtrack includes a brief audio clip of Joe Cocker singing Randy Newman's "I Know What Love Is."

Cast and crew: Inas Al Degheidy, Mahmoud Hemida, Ilham Shaheen, Youssra, Mahmoud Kabil, Maher Rady, Hala Sarhan, Rafiq As-Sabban, Mostafa Moharram, Ezzat El-Meshad, Sayed Gabr, Lidia, Amru Youssri

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A Kiss in the Night قبلني في الظلام (Hind Rostom) - (1959) Egyptian one-sheet

A Kiss in the Night (1959) - (Hind Rostom) Egyptian one-sheet

Shown here is a 27" x 39" Egyptian poster designed by Khalil to promote the 1959 100-minute Mohamed Abdel Gawad black-and-white film A Kiss in the Night [qabbelni fil-zalam] starring Hind Rostom based on story, screenplay and dialogue by Mohammed Abdel Gawad with cinematography by Klelio. Plot summary: Aziz married an aristocratic girl named Lola, but they soon soon had a disagreement that ended in divorce. Lola's father Abdel Hamid lost his wallet containing money and important papers. Hussein found it and returned it to him intact despite his proverty, then he refused the money Abdel Hamid offered him as a reward. Lola began courting him so she could forget her life with Aziz and she asked him to work for her to keep her from going back to her husband. Then she backed off, but Hussein remained interested. Abdel Hamid saw Hussein's honesty and dedication to his work. Lola decided to behave as if Hussein was her husband but she had an episode of jealousy when he got close to her cousin. Over time Lola became sure of her feelings and her love for Hussein, and her father Abdel Hamid agreed to let her marry him.

Cast and crew: Hind Rostom, Shukry Sarhan, Hassan Fayek, Abdel Alim Khattab, Khayria Ahmed, Laila Taher, Mohamed Abdel Gawad, Klelio, Mohamed Osman, Klelio, Mohamed Al-Dafrawy, Rafiet al-Shal, Naim Mostafa, Mohamed Abaza, Hend Farghali, Mohammad Shawqi, Abdel Moneim Ismail, Fathia Ali, Samir Shadid

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Sunday, November 24, 2013

Kalashnikov (2008) - (Mohamed Rageb)

Kalashnikov (2008) - (Mohamed Rageb) Egyptian one-sheet

This is a 26.5" x 38.25" Egyptian poster designed by the Sign Agency to promote the 2008 95-minute Rami Imam color film Kalashnikov starring Mohamed Rageb based on a story by Wael Abdullah, screenplay and dialogue by Mahmoud Al-Bazawy with cinematography by Hesham Wadid Serri. Plot summary: This is a romance-action film revolving around the life of a hired killer who lived in Italy for years working for the Mafia, then returned to Egypt to settle there. He was then hired to kill an aristocratic girl but he fell in love with her and it turned his life around completely.

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Cast and Crew: Rami Imam, Hesham Wadid Serri, Mohamed Rageb, Ghada Adel, Salah Abdallah, Dorra Zarrouk, Wael Abdullah, Dorra, Youssef Dawud, Sherry, Mahmoud Al-Bazawy, Ahmed Diab, Zayed Fouad, Marwan Wagih

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Journey of Life رحلة العمر (Shams El-Barudy) - (1974) Egyptian one-sheet

Journey of Life (1974) - (Shams El-Barudy) Egyptian one-sheet

This is a 27" x 39" Egyptian poster designed by Mohammad Abdel Aziz to promote the 1974 87-minute Saad Arafa color film Journey of Life [rahlet al-omr] starring Shams El-Barudy and Ahmed Mazhar based on story, screenplay and dialogue by Saad Arafa with cinematography by Ahmed Dia Al-Mahdi. Plot summary: Salwa was a girl of foreign extraction who lived with her aunt in Cairo. She was a girl with a liberal perspective who loved a boy her age named Essam. They agreed to spend a few days at Sidi Abdel Rahman. Salwa went ahead and reserved an adjoining room for him. However Essam went early too because of a soccer match. Mahmoud, a bank manager, also arrived at the hotel and the booking agent asked Salwa to let Mahmoud use the room she had reserved for Essam, because he was used to using it every day. Mahmoud was married to Madiha, who had gone to the country to spend a few days with her family. Mahmoud and Madiha had a boring life together. Salwa tried to get Mahmoud interested in her and they were soon involved in a torrid affair. When Essam arrived at the hotel Salwa rejected him, and he went back to Cairo to finish his vacation there. Salwa and Mahmoud also went back to Cairo. Mahmoud tried to resume his life with his wife, but could not do so, because when he went back home he discovered she had left when she found out about the relationship with Salwa. Then he tried to go back to Salwa, but she rejected him.

Cast and crew: Shams El-Barudy, Ahmed Mazhar, Mariam Fakhr Eddine, Ahmed Louxor, Saad Arafa, Ahmed Dia Al-Mahdi, Ali Kemal, Naima Wasfy, Salama Elias, Samia Rushdy, Hamdy Youssef, Mokhtar Al Sayed

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Friday, November 22, 2013

Journey inside the Woman (1978) - (Nadia Lutfi)

Journey inside the Woman [rahlet dakhel emra'a[ (1978) - (Nadia Lutfi) Egyptian film poster

This is a 27" x 39" Egyptian poster designed by Wahib Fahmy to promote the 1978 Ashraf Fahmy 110-minute black-and-white film Journey inside the Woman [rahlet dakhel emra'a] starring Nadia Lutfi based on a story with dialogue by Moussa Sabry, screenplay by Rafiq As-Sabban and cinematography by Wahid Farid. Plot Summary: Kamal was willing to set aside his principles for the sake of his greed and his ambition to get into high positions. His wife Amal was left to languish in boredom because her husband was too busy for her. She had no problem letting her innocent friendship with Mahmoud develop into a love affair, but she didn't rush into it because she wanted to hang on to her social position as a wife, so she asked Mahmoud to keep his distance. Mahmoud's fortunes improved and he acquired a lot of money and property, so he quit his studies and research, but Amal no longer knew him as the person he used to be, and their relationship changed. She was not close to her husband either but she carried on with her life and stuck to her principles.

Cast and crew: Ashraf Fahmy, Nabila Ebeid, Tewfk El Dekn, Mahmoud Rashad, Hussein El Sherbni, Nour El-Sherif, Shukry Sarhan, Nadia Lutfi, Moussa Sabry, Wahid Farid, Malek El Gamal, Rafiq As-Sabban, Nadia Arsalan, Wedad Hamdy, Aida Abdel Aziz, Nahed Samir, Omar Nagy, Ashraf Al-Salahdar, Farouk Felouks, Nadia Shukry

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Ismail Yasseen Meets Raya and Sekina (1955)

Ismail Yasseen Meets Raya and Sekina [ismail yasseen yuqabel raya wa sekina] (1955) - (Ismail Yasseen) Egyptian photo poster

This is a 13.5" x 19.5" Egyptian poster made by an unknown designer to promote the 123-minute 1955 Hamada Abdel Wahab black-and-white film Ismail Yasseen Meets Raya and Sekina [ismail yasseen yuqabel raya wa sekina] starring Ismail Yasseen based on story, screenplay and dialogue by Abu Seoud El-Ibiary with cinematography by Robert Tamba. Plot summary: Ismail Yasseen was with his fiance when she crashed an automobile into a house occupied by the gang of Ria and Sekina. This gang had been kidnapping girls, killing them, stealing their jewelry and burying their bodies under their house. Ismail Yasseen was afraid they would do this to him, so he decided to flee the place with his fiance. After running away Ismail Yasseen decided to tell the police where the gang was located, but they did not believe him and put him in jail. There he met a thief who did believe him and later helped him get into the home of Ria and Sekina. After attempts and chases Ismail Yasseen tried to attract the attention of the police to what had happened at the home of Ria and Sekina, so they could find and arrest the gang. Ismail Yasseen, his fiance and the repentant thief left the home of Ria and Sekina after they had been rescued from being murder victims.

Cast and crew: Hamada Abdel Wahab, Ismail Yasseen, Reyad El Kasabgy, Zouzu Hamdy el-Hakim, Abdel Fatah Al Kasri, Negma Ibrahim, Souraya Helmy, Abdel Moneim Ismail, Souraya Fakhry, Said Khalil, Neemat Moukhtar, Nazim Shaarawy, Abdel Rahim al-Qalaawy, Ahmad al-Gaziri, Abdel Hafiz al-Tatawy, Mohamed Shawqi, Kamel Anwar, Ibrahim Mohamed

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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

In Better Times [حين ميسرة] (dir: Khaled Youssef) - (2007) Egyptian one-sheet

In Better Times (2007) - (dir: Khaled Youssef) Egyptian one-sheet

This is a 27" x 38.5" Egyptian poster designed by Nagy Shaker to promote the 2007 126-minute Khaled Youssef color film In Better Times [heyna maysara] starring Hala Fakher as Om Reda based on screenplay, story and dialogue by Naser Abdel Rahman and Khaled Youssef with cinematography by Ramses Marzouk. The film was produced by the Al-Batros Company for Cinema Production and Distribution. Plot summary: Om Reda was living in poverty in the Aswa'iya district awiating the return of her son from Iraq after the Gulf War. Living with her was her youngest son Adel Hashisha [Amru Saad]. He left his friend Nahed [Samia al-Khashshab] with his mother to live there while he served a six-month prison sentence for getting into a fight to rescue her. After he got out of prison he fell in love with Nahed but refused to marry her until times got better. Nahed abandoned her son in an empty seat on a city bus because of the father's refusal to recognize him. Adel regretted what he had done and tried to get Nahed back but it was not feasible. He was put in prison again on a charge contrived against him by the officer who had been giving him guidance and teaching him about terrorist activities. He then became trustee of a workshop owner to learn terrorist operations, and he found a hideout on an estate. Adel was trying to find himself with difficulty at a time when Nahed was going from house to house falling in love with the rich people. She tried to go back to Adel again but could not find him. Their son grew up in a home that had adopted him, but then the owner of the home threw him out and he took refuge in ad hoc street shelters. He slept with one of the girls there and they fled to Alexandria together. There was a fracas at the estate between the police and Al-Qaeda which ended with the removal of all street shelters and some of their residents, including Om Reda, Fathy [Amru Abdel Galil], his wife and others. Adel fled to Alexandria on the same train Nahed was riding, while his son, his grandson and his wife were all on the roof of the same train, but none of them knew about each other. The film closes with a printed text apology read aloud by director Khaled Youssef: "I apologize to the people if they cannot understand what they have seen, but in fact I found the reality even more cruel than what was shown on the screen."

Cast and crew: Khaled Youssef, Amr Abd El-Guelil, Hala Fakher, Somaya El Khashab, Ghada Abdel Razek, Ramses Marzouk, Naser Abdel Rahman, Amru Saad, Ahmed Bedir, Sawsan Badr, Ahmed Said Abdel Ghani, Wafaa Amer, Amru Abdel Galil, Khaled Saleh, Amira Fathy, Abdollah Mosharaf, Sameh Al-Sariti, Mohamed Karim, Sameh Moghawari, Motaz Al-Swifi, Mohammad Farouq

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Sunday, November 17, 2013

Dearest of the Beloved اعز الحبايب (Soad Hosny) - (1961) Oversize Egyptian poster

Dearest of the Beloved (1961) - (Soad Hosny) Egyptian one-sheet

This 35" x 45" oversize Egyptian poster was designed by Studio Adly and Mohammad Abdel Aziz to promote the 1961 Youssef Maalouf 114-minute black-and-white film Dearest of the Beloved [aaz al-habaib] starring Soad Hosny as Kawsar based on a story by Omar Gamii with screenplay by Youssef Issa, Ibrahim Aboud and Henry Barakat; cinematography was by Alvisy Orphanily. Plot summary: A pensioner named Ebrahim Effendi [Zaji Rostom] was the head of a family with a number of grown children. He was forced to hide a satchel full of narcotics on behalf of local coffee shop owner Khalifa Abdel Salam [Hassan el Baroudi] who was also a smuggler to get some extra money to cover his family expenses. When this was discovered by the police his engineer son Mokhtar [Shukry Sarhan] took responsibility for it himself to spare his mother Amina [Amina Rizk] the shock of seeing her beloved husband go to prison. Mokhtar went to prison for five years and the father died in sadness. When Mokhtar was released he was unable to find a job in Egypt so he took a job in Kuwait for a few years. The mother Amina continued living with her oldest son Abdulla [Nour El-Demerdash] and his wife Lawahez [Sherifa Maher], but she had to take a job as a maid in a hospital. Mokhtar returned looking for his mother. Abdulla suffered a burn injury, then recognized his mother working in the hospital while he was undergoing treatment. The brothers went to the hospital to bring their mother back home.

Cast and crew: Soad Hosny, Shukry Sarhan, Amina Rizk, Zaki Rostom, Sherifa Maher, Youssef Maalouf, Alvisy Orphanily, Omar Gamii, Youssef Esa, Henry Barakat, Soheir El-Barouni, Nour El-Demerdash, Hassan el Baroudi

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Friday, November 15, 2013

I Love You Sweetie بحبك يا حلوة (Nahed Sherif) - (1970) Egyptian one-sheet

I Love You Sweetie (1970) - (Nahed Sherif) Egyptian one-sheet

This is an undated rerelease Egyptian poster made by an unknown designer to promote the 1970 Abdel Moneim Shoukry 88-minute black-and-white film I Love You Sweetie [bahebak ya helwa] starring Nahed Sherif based on story, screenplay and dialogue by Ahmed Abdel Wahab with cinematography by Abdel Moneim Bahnassy. Plot summary: This is a burlesque romantic comedy set in the city of Luxor involving three men who are occupying an apartment on falsified terms while looking for women and more stable housing. There is a lot of adapted American hit music in the soundtrack, primarly from the repertoire of Herb Alpert.

Cast and crew: Nahid Sherif, Adel Imam, Hassan Youssef, Hassan Mostafa, Abdel Moneim Shoukry, Amira, Ahmed Abdel Wahab, Abdel Moneim Bahnassy, Salama Elias, Abdel Alim Khattab, Esmat Rafat

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I Love the Cinema [بحب السيما] - (Leila Eloui) - (2004) Egyptian poster

I Love the Cinema [بحب السيما] (2004) - (Leila Eloui) Egyptian one-sheet

This is a 26.5" x 38.5" Egyptian poster designed by Focus to promote the 2004 Ooussama Fawzi film I Love the Cinema [baheb al-sima بحب السيما] starring Youssef Osman as Na'eem based on a story by Hani Fawzi with cinematography by Tarek El-Telmisany. This is a controversial film narrated by Sherif Mounir as the voice of 40-year-old Na'eem as he recalls his childhood years. The story is about a Coptic family in 1960s Shubra in the time of Gamal Abdel Nasser's presidency; it pushes a number of religious, sexual and ethical boundaries as Na'eem remembers conflicts with a father who assured him his love of film would surely lead to his eternal damnation. Some Copts in Egypt were offended by what they saw as a tendency to ridicule Christianity and they tried through legal action to prevent it being shown.

Cast and crew: Oussama Fawzi, Hani Fawzi, Laila Eloui, Mahmoud Hemida, Menna Shalabi, Aida Abdel Azz, Youssef Osman, Zaky Fateen Abdel Wahab, Edward, Ahmed Kamal, Raouf Mostafa, Nadia Rafiq, Ahmad Aql, Sherif Mounir

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