Saturday, August 2, 2014

My Children [اولادي] (Zaki Rostom) - (1951) Original Two-piece Egyptian Poster

My Children [awladi] (1951) - (Zaki Rostom) original two-piece Egyptian film poster

Pictured is a 36" x 46.5" two-piece Egyptian poster designed by Hassan Mazhar Gasour to promote the 1951 Omar Gomai film My Children [awladi] starring Zaki Rostom based on a story by Omar Gomai with cinematography by Abdel Aziz Fahmy. Plot summary: A woman dies leaving her husband [Zaki Rostom (1903-1972)] with three daughters and nobody to help with their upbringing other than a pretty maid; the maid tries to use her charms to make the bereaved husband forget about his sorrow. The maid's husband realizes his wife is interested in her employer and divorces her. The maid then marries the bereaved husband after telling him she iss pregnant with his child. The children resent the marriage and one of the daughters kills the new wife.

Cast and crew: Omar Gomai, Abdel Aziz Fahmy, Rushdy Abaza, Zaki Rostom, Shadia, Zuzu Shakeeb, Madiha Yousri, Zeinab Sedki, Kamal Hussein, Mohammad Tawfiq, Abdel Aziz Ahmed, Gamalat Zayed, Beba Ibrahim, Aziza Helmy, Abdel Moneim Basyouni

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A Gift from Heaven [رحمة من السماء] (Hind Rostom) - (1958) Egyptian Film Poster

A Gift from Heaven [rahma min al-sama'] (1958) - (Hind Rostom) original oversize Egyptian film poster

Pictured is a 32" x 44.75" Egyptian poster designed by Marcel to promote the 1958 Abbas Kamel 126-minute black-and-white film A Gift from Heaven [rahma min al-sama'] starring Hind Rostom based on screenplay and dialogue by Abbas Kamel with cinematography by Alvisy Orphanily. Plot summary: Nabila, the wife of a wealthy man named Megdi [Imad Hamdi (1909-1984)], died, leaving him alone with his young daughter. While he was shopping one day he met a woman named Nawal [Hind Rostom (1931-2011)] who looked and acted like his late wife. Nawal was a nightclub dancer. His daughter and Nawal became like mother and daughter, and Magdi's relationship with Nawal helped him forget his sorrow because of the loss of his wife. As the story develops Megdi's friend Dr. Monir [Mahmoud El-Meliguy (1910-1933)] also forms a close relationship with Nawal, who is in fact the film's "gift from heaven."

Cast and crew: Abbas Kamel, Alvisy Orphanily, Hind Rostom, Imad Hamdi, Mahmoud El-Meliguy, Ferdoos Mohammad, Nelly, Mohammad al-Tabei, Hussein Ismail, Mohammad Soleyman, Salwa Mahmoud, Ahmed Abouzeid

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Friday, August 1, 2014

Flesh [الجسد] (Hind Rostom) - (1955) Two Egyptian Film Posters

Flesh (1955) - (Hind Rostom) Egyptian one-sheet

Flesh [al-gessad] (1955) - (Hind Rostom) oversize Egyptian film poster

Pictured above are an undated rerelease poster (top) and a 33.75" x 45.5" Egyptian poster designed by Stamatis Vassiliou and Marcel to promote the 1955 114-minute Hassan Al Imam black-and-white film Flesh [al-gessad] starring Hind Rostom based on screenplay and dialogue by El Sayed Bedeir with cinematography by Alvisy Orphanily. Plot summary: Nemat was expelled from school and became a nightclub dancer after her mother left home. Her father was unable to get her to come back home, and then lost his job when he was fired by his boss, Amin. Nemat heard about this and went back home to stay with him and give up her work as an entertainer. He went out to bring food for her but when he returned she had already left home again to become the lover of his old boss Amin. Nemat's father tried to kill his wife. He blinded her but did not succeed in killing her and was put in jail for attempted murder. Nemat met an attorney named Hussein, who was Amin's son. They were about to marry, but Amin would have none of it and drove Hussein away Nemat's health was destroyed in an accident that left her unable to dance. She was diagnosed with a critical respiratory ailment and Amin left her, alone and penniless. The father was released from prison and made amends with his wife and daughter. Hussein went back to Nemat and promised to marry her and pay for her medical care. She accepted his proposal and put her life in his hands.

Cast and crew: Hassan Al Imam, Hind Rostom, Kamal Al-Shennawi, Fatma Rouchdi, Hussein Riad, Seraj Munir, Mokhtar Osman, Alvisy Orphanily, Hussein Al-Meliguy, Fifi Youssef, Mohamed Shawky, Souraya Fakhry, Abdel Hamid Badawi, Hussein Ismail, El Sayed Bedeir, Soad Ahmed, Souraya Hassan, Alia Fawzi, Mohsen Hassanein, Mohamed Sabih, Naim Mostafa, Abdel Moniem Seoudy, Ezzat Wahid, Soad Ahmed

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