Thursday, January 31, 2013

A Day of My Life يوم من عمري (Abdel Halim Hafez) - (1961) Egyptian one-sheet

A Day of My Life (1961) - (Abdel Halim Hafez) Egyptian one-sheet

This is a film poster for the 1961 Atef Salem 155-minute black-and-white film A Day of My Life [yom men omri] starring Abdel Halim hafez, based on the 1953 William Wyler film Roman Holiday. The screenplay was by Youssef Gohar and Seif El Din Shawkat, dialogue was by Youssef Gohar and the cinematography was by Abdelhalim Nasr. Plot Summary: Chief press editor Salah Shawqi (Abdel Halim Hafez) and his colleague Younes al-Mansour (Abdel Salam Al Nabulsy) had the job of concealing the return after a long absence from Switzerland by Nadia (Zubaida Tharwat), the daughter of the millionaire Abu Agila. At the airport Nadia learned that her father's wife wanted to marry her to her brother so she decided to run away. She got into an automobile with some journalists without any of them knowing the truth about her. Salah and Nadia spent a pleasant evening in nightclubs with Younes and his fiancee Leila, and she went home with him to spend the night. Younes photogrphed them, and when the neighbors found out they rejected Nadia. When the chief editor learned that the journalist and his colleague had failed with the mission, he threatened to fire them. When Salah discovered the truth about Nadia he took the pictures to the chief editor. Nadia decided to return to her father who had decided she would not marry the one she did not love. Salah stole the pages of the article and the pictures and prevented the publication of anything about his beloved. He sent the pictures to nadia and her father when they were at the airport. The father realized how noble Salah had been and decided his daughter should marry the one she loved.

Cast and crew: Abdel Halim Hafez, Zubaida Tharwat, Atef Salem, Mahmoud El-Meliguy, Abdel Salam Al Nabulsy, Soheir El-Bably, Zaki Toleimat, Seif El Din Shawkat, Youssef Gohar, Zouzou Mady, Abdul Aziz Ahmed, Souraya Fakhry, Salah Nazmi, Ahmed Louxor

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Dawn of a New Day فجر يوم جديد (dir: Youssef Chahine) - (1964) Egyptian one-sheet

Dawn of a New Day (1964) - (dir: Youssef Chahine) Egyptian one-sheet

This is an Egyptian film poster designed by Mohammad Abdel Aziz for the 1964 Youssef Chahine 100-minute color film Dawn of a New Day [fagr yom gedid] with story and screenplay by Samir Nasry, dialogue by Abdel Rahman El-Sharqawy, cinematography by Abel Aziz Fahmy and starring the late Sanaa Gamil (1930-2002) as Nayed. Plot summary: A varied group of bourgeois people were living in poverty in Cairo after political conditions turned against them. They included Nayed, a women in her 40s. She met a young man named Tareq (Seif El Dine) and was drawn to him even though he was from a completely different social class; she did not choose a man from her own class, not even Abu Al-Ala who was trying to get close to her. Tareq was still a student at the university living in a humble room on an upper floor and studying engineering. The boy had to go abroad for three years to complete his studies. He discovered that Nayed was treating him as a substitute for a small boy who had died years ago. This is what started her relationship with a poor man, but he was unable to correct the situation. Nayed tried to obtain the money to give to her beloved so he could complete his studies, working as a secretary at the press office her brother managed, but then she suddenly decided to end her association with this boy, who was no more than twenty-two years of age; they said goodbye to each other at the Cairo Station.

Cast and crew: Youssef Chahine, Sanaa Gamil, Seif Eddine Shawkat, Abdel Aziz Fahmy, Seif El Dine, Hamdy Gheith, Soheir El-Bably, Abdel Rahman El-Sharqawy, Samir Nasry

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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Daddy Wants it that Way بابا عايز كده (Soad Hosny) 1968 Egyptian one-sheet

Daddy Wants it That Way بابا عايز كده (1968) - (Soad Hosny) Egyptian one-sheet

This poster is for the 1968 Egyptian 98-minute black-and-white film Daddy Wants it that Way [بابا عايز كده] directed by Niazi Mostafa with story, screenplay and dialogue by Abdel Hay Adib and cinematography by Fares Wahba. Plot Summary: Kuku (Rushdy Abaza) hid all of his romantic experience from his fiance Nadia (Soad Hosny) and he falsely played the part of an exemplary person. He was nothing other than a fashion designer with a long line of models in front of him, each of whom received a kiss from him or a message placed in the hand before the show. His fiance returned from abroad just when he was about to marry a girl other than the one who was causing him confusion, and he tried to hide the truth. After many events his fiance changed her personality and made herself look like a foreigner. After she successfully reignited his passion and interest, they finally married.

Cast and crew: Niazi Mostafa, Soad Hosny, Rushdy Abaza, Nawal Abul Foutouh, Mohamed Awad, Hassan Mustafa, Amal Ramzy, Mimi Shakeeb, Mahmoud Rashad, Abdel Hay Adib, Fares Wahba, Mostafa Abdullah, Mokhtar Al Sayed, Ahmed Qasem, Leila Ezzedine, Aziza Mohamed, Nakhand Anwar

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Conqueror of Darkness (1978)

Conqueror of Darkness [qaher al-zullam] (1978) - (Mahmoud Yassine) Egyptian film poster

This is a poster for a film biography of Taha Husayn, designed by Gasour and Anis. The film was directed by Atef Salem based on a story by Kamal al-Malakh with screenplay and dialogue by D. Rafiq al-Saban, Samir Abdel Azeem and Moussa Sabry; cinematography was by Ibrahim Saleh. Plot summary: Taha Husayn was born in poverty in upper Egypt in the province of Al-Mina. He became blind because of the poverty and ignorance that were prevalent in society, but he learned how to overcome the problems of blindness, how to compensate for it with hearing, how to succeed with books and even how to get admitted to Al-Azhar University and succeed with his studies there despite the problems. He later became a candidate for literature studies in the city of Montpelier France while he was on a government mission there. He went there with his brother who looked after him and helped him deal with adverse circumstances. He met his lifetime French friend Susan, who helped him with reading. Love developed between them while he was studying for his doctorate and they married after he received his diploma. In Cairo Taha Husayn was appointed professor and then dean at a university. He then became minister of education and waged an intellectual struggle with the people in the government to make education as free as air and water for all people.

Cast and Crew: Atef Salem, Hamdy Ahmed, Zouzou Hamdy El-Hakim, Taha Husayn, Mahmoud Yassine, Yehia El-Fakharany, Abdel Alim Khattab, Ibrahim Saleh, Yolande Folliot, Kamal al-Malakh, D. Rafiq al-Saban, Samir Abdel Azeem, Moussa Sabry, Ibrahim Saleh, Zouzou Hamdy El-Hakim, Salama Elias, Farouk Youssef, Hussein El-Sherbini, Abdel Ghani Al-Nagdi, Fakry Azer, Nader Nour, Adib Tarablos, Mohammad al-Shourbagy, Adawy Gheith, Mahmoud Rashad, Sayed Madbouli, Rafiq Fahmy, Abdel Moneim al-Nemr, Ahmed Omar

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The Choice الاختيار (dir: Youssef Chahine) - (1971) Egyptian one-sheet

The Choice (1971) - (Soad Hosny) Egyptian one-sheet

This is a 27" x 39" Egyptian poster designed by Hassan Mazhar Gasour for the 1971 Youssef Chahine (1926-2008) film The Choice based on a story by Naguib Mahfouz and Youssef Chahine. It won the Tanit d'Or prize at the 1971 Carthage Film Festival. Cinematography was by Ahmed Khorshed. Plot Summary: Sayed [Ezzat El Alaili] was a famous writer and researcher living in Alexandria who had climbed to the top of the social and political pyramid. He was married to Sharifa [Soad Hosny]. He and his wife were preparing for a trip abroad to work in a UN delegation. He read a report in a newspaper about the murder of his twin brother Mahmoud [Ezzat El Alaili] and postponed his trip. He contacted the police and asked them to investigate. Mahmoud was a sailor who lived his life far and wide as he wished to do, without any responsibilities. He had absolutely no interest in social or political centers; in this he was the opposite of his brother who tried to be at the top of social affairs. However he was often defeated by his own reworked ideas, which contained nothing new. Mahmoud stayed away from the social life Sayed loved; he preferred instead to live his life free of tedious problems. He moved as he wished according to whim, across Mahmoud's magical world and frequenting all its places from the homes of artists to magificent mansions. The police officer was skeptical about what was happening around him and began to develop a plan for tracking this writer Sayed, who was living a double life: The cultured man was caught between the true roots of culture and the effort to rise socially. Sayed fled but the police caught him and put him in a mental hospital. "When a free-spirited sailor is found murdered, his twin brother--a famous novelist--is the prime suspect. Investigators uncover a possible liaison between the dead sailor and the writer's wife, and also learn that Sayed's successful fictions owe much to the inspiration of his brother Mahmoud's adventurous life. Just as the evidence against the novelist seems overwhelming, Mahmoud turns up alive. But why are the twins never seen together...? In this very personal film, one can see the symbolic outlines of the uneasy relationship between Egyptian intellectuals and the problems of the proletariat". From the Cornell University Library web site.

Cast and crew: Youssef Chahine, Saad Ardash, Abdel Kader Hussein, Mahmoud Sobhi, Rashad Hamed, Kemal Morsy, Ashraf al-Solhdar, Hoda Soltan, Mahmoud El-Meliguy, Naguib Mahfouz, Ezzat El Alaili, Seif El Dine, Soad Hosny, Seif Eddine Shawkat, Ahmed Khorshed, Mimi Shakeeb, Abdel Rahman Abou Zahra, Madiha Kamel, Youssef Wahby, Aly El Cherif

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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Cairo Station باب الحديد (dir: Youssef Chahine) - (1958) Egyptian one-sheet

Cairo Station (1958) - (dir: Youssef Chahine) Egyptian one-sheet

This landmark Egyptian film was directed by Youssef Chahine. Cinematography was by Alevise Orfanelli, dialogue was by Mohammad Abu Youssef and the story and screenplay were by Abdel Hai Adib. It is on film critic Ahmad Al-Hadari's 2007 list of the 100 most important Egyptian films. Plot summary: Kinawy (Youssef Chahine) was a hard-working newspaper seller at Cairo Station who suffered from a physical handicap. He was always looking at the pictures of beautiful women in the publications he sold. Hannouma (Hind Rostom) was an attractive young woman who worked at Cairo Station selling ice cream and leading a team of workers at the official canteen. She wanted to live a free life and work for an honorable well-paid living. She wanted to marry her fiance Abu Sari' (Farid Shawqi), the leader of the porters and defender of their rights and interests. Sari' was a straigtforward, tough guy who was loyal to his comrades and to his love. Kinawy loved Hannouma with a love that knew no bounds. He wanted her for himself and he revealed his love to her. Hannouma thought the first thing he wanted was her body to satisfy his lust, but he convinced her that he wanted to marry her and go away with her to a village far from Cairo Station. At that time Abu Sari' was busy forming a union for the porters and defending their right to a suitabl wage, medical care and help with emergencies. Then Kinawy suddenly discovered the truth: Hannouma refused to marry him because she loved Abu Sari'. He saw her in his arms and heard about her trip with him to the village for marriage. Kinawy overcame his emotional burden and decided to kill Hannouma. The people at Cairo Station realized Kinawy had lost his mind and undertook under Abu Sari's leadership to save Hannouma from her mad lover. At the last moment Hannouma was saved from the killer's clutches and Cairo Station went back to its tumultuoous life.

Cast and crew: Youssef Chahine, Farid Shawqi, Hind Rostom, Hassan el Baroudi, Abdel Aziz Khalil, Naima Wasfy, Said Khalil, Abdel Ghani Naqdi, Loutfi El Hakim, Abdel Hamid Bodaoha, F. El Demerdache, Said El Araby, Ahmed Abaza, Hana Abdel Fattah, Safia Sarwat, Abdel Hay Adib, Alevise Orfanelli, Assad Kellada, Sherine, Soheir, Esmat Mahmoud, Nawal Morsi, Gharib Moawad, Nadia Lutfi, Mohamed Abu Youssef

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Bread and Salt العيش والملح (Naima Akef) - (1949) Egyptian rerelease one-sheet

Bread and Salt (1940) - (Naima Akef) Egyptian one-sheet

This is a 27" x 39" undated rerelease Egyptian poster designed by Ahmed Fouad for the 1949 Hussein Fawzi film Bread and Salt written and directed by Hussein Fawzi with dialogue by Badei Khayri and starring Naima Akef as Botheina. Plot summary: A boy lived in the Bread and Salt neighborhood and worked for one of the rich people. He loved the girl next door, who reciprocated, but she suddenly changed, turned away from his love and behaved in a disagreeable way that was unlike the warm nature of the Bread and Salt neighborhood. The boy criticized her behavior but it became clear that she was turning away because of her special family circumstances; here the people in the neighborhood were working together to overcome the problems she was facing. However they were unable to help her and she ran away from the neighborhood to work in a nightclub. The boy was having problems at his job with the rich man, who had blind faith in him. People were trying to create a division between the two of them. The people in another neighborhood were trying to prove that the boy was upright and honest, and the girl came back to stand by her neighbor. Conditions improved and the boy went back to his job with reputation restored. Conditions also improved with the girl's family so they ended up getting married.

Cast and crew: Hussein Fawzi, Saad Abdel Wahab, Naima Akef, Mahmoud Nasr, Abbas Fares, Lola Sedki, Hassan Fayek, Said Khalil, Mokhtar Hussein, Hassan Kamel, Wedad Hamdy, Soad Ahmed, Badel Khayri, Abdel Moniem Ismail

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The Brave Ones (1975)

The Brave Ones [al-shaga'an] (1992) - (Mahmoud Yassine) Egyptian film poster

This film was directed by Tareq Al-Nahry with screenplay and dialogue also by Tareq Al-Nahry. Cinematography was by Ibrahim Saleh. Plot summary: In the context of the intelligence wars between Egypt and Israel a team of Egyptian intelligence men was given a secret mission to abduct a military leader in Greece to get critical information. The secret team was led by Officer Ibrahim and included Officers Mahmoud and Adel. At the same time since there was no guarantee in the matter they sent the three intelligence officers with different visas even though they were brothers. Colonel Ibrahim's daughter Noha went with him, just as Lieutenant Colonel Mohammad's wife Lobna Behgat accompanied him for a honeymoon. During the flight from Cairo to Athens Sergeant Adel met the girl Susan who was going to Greece to work as a disco musician. The official mission for the intelligence team began with the search for the Egyptian spy Fawzi who was cooperating with Israel, to catch him and take him back to Cairo, but Mossad knew about this mission and took counter measures; the Egyptian intelligence team led by Colonel Ibrahim addressed this situation shrewdly and allowed agent Fawzi, who ran an espionage network against Egypt, to abduct and torture Lobna and Noha. When one of them raped Lobna she killed herself with a knife. Colonel Ibrahim confirmed Susan's betrayal and asked her friend Sergeant Adel to kill her and the conflicts continued between the Egyptian commandos and Fawi's espionage network supported by Israeli intelligence. Colonel Ibrahim decided to avenge Egypt and Lobna and rescue Noha, then capture Fawzi to take him back to Cairo for trial.

Cast and crew: Tareq Al-Nahry, Mahmoud Yassine, Amira, Tareq Al-Nahry, Mamdouh Abd El Aleem, Nahla Salama, Amira Abdel Qader, Yousef Fawzy, Ibrahim Saleh, Elshahat Mabrouk, Sahar Ramy

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My Dream Guy [فتى احلامي] Abdel Halim Hafez (1957)

My Dream Guy [فتى احلامي] (1957) - (Abdel Halim Hafez) Egyptian one-sheet

This film was directed by Helmy Rafla, based on Oscar Wilde's story "The Importance of Being Earnest," screenplay Youssef Gohar, dialogue Abu Seoud El-Ibiary, cinematography Wahid Farid; poster art is by Magdi Mahmoud. Plot summary: Adel (Abdel Halim Hafez) was a boy whose father left him a big building. He dissipated its rentals in the bar and on Kiki's health. Adel's partner was Nufal from Syracuse. His job was attorney for the wealthy Redwan Beg's office. Nufal took over the finances and spent the money on bottles of champagne under Kiki's feet. Adel visited his rich Aunt and saw for the first time his daughter Saham. The meeting between Adel and his aunt ended with Adel's anger and it affected Saham. Saham met Nufal at her cousin's home. She heard Adel sing and and thought he was Nufal and the sound of the beautiful voice made her love Nufal. Adel heard a lot about Amal, "Mona Badr," the daughter of the owner of the village in which Nufal worked. He visited her and immediately found her to be a pleasant girl. Adel loved her and she reciprocated. In the end Nufal married Saham and Amal married Adel.

Cast and crew: Abdel Halim Hafez, Amal Farid, Hassan Fayek, Abdel Salam Al Nabulsy, Abdel Moneim Ibrahim, Helmy Rafla, Oscar Wilde, Youssef Gohar, Oscar Wilde, Wahid Farid, Abou Seoud El-Ibiary, Mona Badr, Saham, Mimi Shakeeb, Wedad Hamdy, Zaki Ibrahim, Samia Rushdy, Abbas al-Dali, Ahmed Abdel Fattah, Ibrahim Heshmat, Farida Fahmy, Mahmoud Reda

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Bohbuh Effendi (1958)

Bohbuh Effendi (1958) - (Ismail Yasseen) Egyptian film poster

This film was directed by Youssef Maalouf with screenplay and dialogue by William Basili, cinematography by Bruno Salvi. Poster art was by Hassan Mazhar Gasour and Mohammad Aziz. Plot summary: Bobuh Effendi (Ismail Yasseen) left the country to go to Cairo with his partner in the livestock trade, the teacher Awis (Fouad Shafik). There they lived frivolously passing their time in nightclubs. They met a girl (Zahrat El-Ola) who worked in a nightclub, and they saved her from a gang. They went home with her, which caused problems for her with her neighbors, but Bohbuh married the girl the next morning after discovering that she was honorable and that she had been obliged to go to the nightclub due to circumstances beyond her control.

Cast and crew: Ismail Yasseen, Zahrat El-Ola, Fouad Shafik, Reyad Al Kasabgy, Youssef Maalouf, William Basili, Bruno Salvi, Gamalat Zayed, Said Khalil, Abdel Nabi Mohammed

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A Bit of Fear (1969)

A Bit of Fear [shay min al-khawf] (1969) - (Shadia) Egyptian film poster

This film was directed by Hussein Kamal based on a story by Tharwat Abaza, with screenplay and dialogue by Sabry Ezzat; the cinematography was done by Ahmed Khorshed; it is on Ahmad Al-Hadari's 2007 list of the 100 most important Egyptian films. The poster was designed by Mohamed Hussein. Plot Summary: Atris the grandson became the image of his grandfather in cruelty, violence, tyranny and crime. He ruled the life of his village with the terror he imposed upon its inhabitants. He had loved Fouada since she was a child but she refused him after he came to resemble his grandfather in spirit and action. Atris courted Fouada and asked her father for her hand in marriage but Fouada refused the marriage. Her father feared Atris's anger, and instead of announcing her refusal of the marriage he announced her agreeent to it. Atris was overjoyed when he heard this news, but Sheikh Ibrahim incited the people against Atris and his gang, declaring that his marriage to Fouada was cancelled. Ignoring Atris's orders, Fouada allowed water to flow into the lands of the farmers after he had denied it to them. The people defied Atris and his gang and burned his mansion while he was in it.

Cast and crew: Shadia, Hussein Kamal, Sabry Ezzat, Amal Zayed, Yehia Chahine, Mohammed Tawfik, Mahmoud Moursy, Ahmed Khorshed, Salah Nazmi, Tharwat Abaza, Sabry Ezzat

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Between Heaven and Earth بين السماء والارض (Hind Rostom) - (1960) Egyptian one-sheet

Between Heaven and Earth (1960) - (Dir: Salah Abouseif) Egyptian one-sheet

This is a 27" x 39" Egyptian undated rerelease poster by an unknown artist for the 1960 Salah Abouseif film Between Heaven and Earth based on a screenplay by Naguib Mahfouz, El Sayed Bedeir and Salah Abuseif and starring Hind Rostom as the movie star Nahed Shukry. A group of city people got into an elevator going to various floors in a big building. There was an actress who had a role to play in a film about the tallest building. She was being pursued by a man who was in the habit of following women. There was a woman going to her lover, and there was someone from a gang that steals valuables. There was a crazy person fleeing from a mental hospital and an old man who had left his family to marry a younger woman. The elevator stopped working, but the doorman had gone to see a soccer game, so the rescue was delayed. The police were called, who finally located the elevator and broke through the wall. The rescue was made and they all went back to their original plans. The actress completed her job, the thief was arrested and the man who loved women went looking for a new woman. According to film critic Sa'ad al-Din Tawfiq this is one of the top 100 Egyptian films. This film is also on film critic Ahmad Al-Hadari's 2007 list of the 100 most important Egyptian films. Although it was not a commercial success, it was Egypt's entry in the Yugoslavia Film Festival in 1960.

Cast and crew: Salah Abouseif, El Sayed Bedeir, Hind Rostom, Abdel Salam Al Nabulsy, Abdel Moneim Ibrahim, Mahmoud El-Meliguy, Said Abu Bakr, Naima Wasfy, Abdel Moneim Madbouly, Shafik Noureddin, Mahmoud Azmy, Zizi Mustafa, Wahid Farid, Naguib Mahfouz, Ahmed Louxor, Souraya Fakhry, Nazim Shaarawy

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The Berry and the Cane التوت والنبوت (Ezzat El Alaili) - (1985) Egyptian one-sheet

The Berry and the Cane (1985) - (Ezzat El Alaili) Egyptian one-sheet

This is a 27" x 39" Egyptian poster designed by Azem for the 1985 Niazi Mostafa color film The Berry and the Cane based on a story by Naguib Mahfouz (the sequel to his Racketeers), screenplay by Essam Gomblati and starring Ezzat El Alaili as Ashour. Plot summary: After the death of Al-Nagy the old neighborhood boss, the oppression and humiliation of his family by Hasouna [Hamdy Gheith] the new neighborhood boss increased. The mother Halima [Amina Rizk] and her sons Ashour, Fayez [Samir Sabri] and Zia [Mahmoud El Guindi] were subjected to this oppression. Fayez ran away after stealing a vehicle and selling it. Fayez met Laila the owner of a night club and took charge of the management of her work. After a time he returned to the neighborhood a wealthy man and restored dignity to the family. He bought them a home and they moved into it. He opened an office in the Al-Nagy name and increased his wealth. Then the dancer took revenge against him. He lost all his wealth and committed suicide before they could arrest him. Ashour the oldest son married Aziza Redwan, [Taysir Fahmy] the woman he loved. Hasouna capitalized on the collapse of Fayez's financial power to torment the family again. He forced Ashour to divorce his wife so he could marry her. On the wedding night Ashour crept in with a gang of thugs behind him to seize Hasouna and drive him away. He became the new neighborhood boss and got his woman back.

Cast and crew: Naguib Mahfouz, Mahmoud El Guindi, Amal Ramzy, Salah Nazmi, Mona Al-Said, Niazi Mostafa, Ezzat El Alaili, Samir Sabry, Ibrahim Saleh, Mahmoud Nasr, Amina Rizk, Hamdy Gheith, Mona Said, Taysar Fahmy, Amal Ramzy, Adel Badreddine, Fakry Sadeq, Ali Al Ghandour, Samira Sedki, Amal Diab, Hafez Amin, Mohieddine Abdel Mohsen, Ahmed Aql, Mohamed Moursy, Nariman, Mehget Abdel Rahman, Kamal Al-Desouky, Hosn El-Dib, Magdi Said, Ahmed Abu Abih, Mohamed Khalil, Mostafa Akasha, Fawzy Al Sharkawi, Atef Barakat, Mahmoud Abu Zeid, Sayed Hatam, Motawe Oweysi, Abdel Moniem Al-Nemr, Sami Ali, Essam al-Gomblati

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Beauty of the Airport حسناء المطار (Naglaa Fathy) - (1970) Egyptian one-sheet

Beauty of the Airport (1970) - (Naglaa Fathy) Egyptian rerelease one-sheet

This is a 27" x 39" Egyptian poster designed by Mohammad Aziz and Hassan Mazhar Gasour for the 1970 El Sayed Bedir film Beauty of the Airport based on story, screenplay and dialogue by Abdul Rahim Abol Aouf and starring Naglaa Fathy as Jill. Plot summary: On the return flight from Beirut the lawyer Fouad (Hassan Youssef) met a pretty girl (Naglaa Fathy) who called herself Jill. They separated at the Cairo airport. Fouad went home and Jill went to a hotel in the city. At the airport the police found an unclaimed briefcase filled with dollars and investigated the source of the funds. Downtown the gang was looking everywhere for Jill -- who did the gang's accounting -- intending to torture her to make her tell them the location of the briefcase. The leader of the gang demanded that she be released so they could follow her and find the briefcase. Jill feared for her life and contacted the attorney Fouad for help, claiming she was being threatened with murder because of an inheritance from the family of her deceased husband. Fouad befriended her and allowed her to stay with him. The gang learned where she was staying and seized her a second time in an automobile owned by the father of Fouad's fiance Amal. Fouad was worried about the possibility of being associated with the gang when he read a report about Jill's struggle in dark circumstances. Meanwhile the security men were tracking the gang's movements and ordered that they be surrounded and caught before they could flee to Beirut. The innocence of Amal's father was proven and it was established that he was not part of the gang; indeed it was proven that the leader of the gang was the one who had been driving his automobile.

Cast and crew: Naglaa Fathy, Hassan Youssef, El Seyed Bedir, Aly Hassan, Abdel Khalek Saleh, Samia Shukry, Shafik Noureddin, Wahid Ezat

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The Barrier الحاجز - (Nadia Lutfi) - (1970) Egyptian one-sheet

The Barrier (1970) - (Nadia Lutfi) Egyptian one-sheet

This is 27" x 39" Egyptian poster by an unknown designer for the 1970 Mouhamed Rady film The Barrier AKA al-hagez based on story, screenplay and dialogue by Bahig Ismail and starring Nadia Lutfi as Nadia. Plot summary: Ezzat [Nour El-Sherif] did not want to go to medical school because he had a great aversion to dissection and could not even hurt a frog, but his older brother Salah [Yehia Chahine] forced him to enroll. Ezzat and Nadia met and fell in love but Ezzat did not know Nadia had married his brother Salah before meeting him. He was deeply hurt when he learned this. He took to drinking with her image constantly before him. He went home drunk on one of those difficult nights and Nadia followed him. She caught up with him and tried to console him. He left her and ran far away to hide in a basement. Nadia caught up with him again and tried to understand what had brought him to this state. He tried to kiss her but she resisted. He took a scalpel out of his pocket and killed her with it.

Cast and crew: Mouhamed Rady, Bahig Ismail, Nadia Lutfi, Yehia Chahine, El Sayed Radi, Hesham Wadid Serri, Wadid Serri, Nour El-Sherif, Nour Ismail, Nabaweya Said, Mokhtar Al Sayed, Anwar Ismail

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Badia Masabni بديعة مصابني (Nadia Lutfi) - (1975) Egyptian rerelease one-sheet

Badia Masabni (1975) - (Nadia Lutfi) Egyptian rerelease one-sheet

This is a 27" x 39" Egyptian poster by Mohammad Abdel Aziz and Abdel Ghani for the 1975 Hassan Al Imam film Badia Masabni based on a screenplay by Mustafa Samy and starring Nadia Lutfi as Badiaa Masabny. Plot summary: This film portrays one of the most important artistic periods of Egyptian dance, when tens of artists developed performances of Eastern dances. These dancers included Badia Masabni; this film tells her story and how she established the Badia Casino, where she also starred as a dancer. The film also tells the story of the love relationship between Badia and the actor Naguib Rihani and how the two worked together to establish the art of Eastern dance, both as an exhibition art and as a performance component on the comedy stage. Disagreements eventually pulled them apart, leaving Badia burdened with heavy debts and psychological problems. She sold her casino to one of her fellow dancers there, then left Egypt to return to her native Lebanon.

Cast and crew: Imad Hamdi, Nabila Ebeid, Nadia Lutfi, Kamal Al-Shennawi, Hassan Al Imam, Nabil Badr, Nabila Ebeid, Nabil El-Hegrassy, Hussein El Imam, Fouad El-Mohandes, Farida Seif El Nasr, Shafik Galal, Nesrine, Amal Ramzy

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Ayyoub ایوب Omar Sharif 1983 Egyptian one-sheet

Ayyoub (1983) - (Omar Sharif) Egyptian one-sheet

This film was directed by Hany Lasheen, screenplay and dialogue by Mohsen Sayed and cinematography by Abdel Moneim Bahnassy; it is based on a story by Naguib Mahfouz. The poster was designed by Sami. Plot Summary: Abdelhamid Al-Sokkari was a successful businessman. He returned from abroad after signing contracts for a huge project, but because of his many responsibilities and his increased anxiety he was stricken with paralysis. He returned in a wheelchair after his treatement failed. His son took over the company operations and his wife used his ideas with friends and at gatherings. His daughter Nabila was a medical student in love with Engineer Hamed. Her father had agreed to her engagement to him despite their social differences. Abdelhamid met Dr. Galal, a friend from his youth when they had been heroes of the national movement. This filled his life, made it meaningful and got him out of his state of depression. He welcomed life with a new personality. He decided to write his memoirs including the truth and the names of those who participated with him in suspicous operations until he acquired what wealth he had. The memoirs would open the sun and moon for him and deliver the news to his partners. He asked his friends to help him publish the book. His partners tried without success to prevent him publishing the book; then they shot him while he was on his way to the publisher.

Cast and crew: Hany Lasheen, Naguib Mahfouz, Athar El-Hakim, Fouad El-Mohandes, Omar Sharif, Madiha Yousri, Abdel Moneim Bahnassy, Mahmoud El-Meliguy, Mustafa Fahmy, Sameh El-Sereety, Osama Abas, Leila Fahmi, Hafez Amin, Mohsen Zayed, Mohamed Abu Daoud, Maraya Khouri, Marwan Labib, Soheir Sabri, Karwal Abriku, Samia Sassi, Reshwan Mostafa, Sadeq Amin, Abu Fatouh Emara, Hassan Al-Anwar

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