Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Who Do You Love لمين هواك Hoda Soltan 1954 Egyptian film program

Who Do You Love? (1945) - (Hoda Soltan) Egyptian film program

Shown here is a first printing of a 9" x 13" 12-page Egyptian program for the 1954 115-minute black-and-white Helmy Rafla film Who Do You Love [lamin hawak] starring Kamal Al-Shennawi and Hoda Soltan based on screenplay, dialogue and story by Youssef Gohar with cinematography by Masud Isa. The film was produced by Asia Film. Plot summary: Nadia was suffering because of the behavior of her sister Nawal, who was a deceptive girl. She sought counseling in this matter from Dr. Adel and during these consultations love grew between Adel the physician and Nadia the nurse. Nawal's sister married and then divorced a swindler, while Adel and Nadia eventually married when their love grew stronger.

Cast and crew: Helmy Rafla, Dimitri Gabriel, Masud Esa, Kamal Al-Shennawi, Imad Hamdi, Farid Shawqi, Hoda Soltan, Mona, Abdel Salam Al Nabulsy, Wedad Hamdy, Hager Hamdy, Zeinat Olwi, Soraya Salem

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Shame on You حرام عليك Ismail Yasseen 1954 Egyptian film program

Shame on You (1954) - (Ismail Yasseen) Egyptian film program

Pictured is a first printing of an 8" x 11" 8-page Egyptian film program to promote the 1954 92-minute Essa Karama black-and-white film Shame on You [haram aleyk] starring Ismail Yasseen based on screen play, story and dialogue by Gamal Hamdi with cinematography by Richard Salama. Parts of the story are also taken from the 1948 Charles Barton film Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein. Plot summary: Ismail and Abdou [Ismail Yasseen and Abdel Fatah Al Kasri] are working in a shop that sells antiquities. One day they receive a crate containing a mummy that looks like Frankenstein. A a sorcerer [Stephan Rosti] says he will be able to bring the mummy back to life by replacing its brain with Ismail's brain. The plan goes awry when Ismail and the mummy are laid out side by side for the brain transfer, because the mummy throws off its restraining straps and goes into a zombie-like Frankenstein walk, making various clumsy assaults on the people and fixtures that disrupt the proceedings. Apparently what really brings the mummy to life is the fear of receiving the brain of Ismail Yasseen! Alternate English titles are Ismail Yassin Meets Frankenstein and Ismail and Abdel Meet Frankenstein.

Cast and crew: Ismail Yasseen, Essa Karama, Gamal Hamdi, Mary Shelley, Abdel Fatah Al Kasri, Stephan Rosti, Sanaa Gamil, Nabil Al Alfi, Lola Sedki, Richard Salama, Mohamed Sabih, Abdel Hamid Zaki

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Monday, July 30, 2018

Adventures of Ismail Yasseen مغامرات اسماعيل يس Ismail Yasseen Egyptian film program

The Adventures of Ismail Yasseen (1954) - (Ismail Yasseen) Egyptian film program

This is a first printing of a 8" x 11" 8-page Egyptian Arabic film program for the 1954 110-minute Youssef Maalouf black-and-white comedy The Adventures of Ismail Yasseen starring Ismail Yasseen based on a screenplay and story by Youssef Isa with cinematography by Masoud Isa. The film was distributed by Aflam Nahdet al-Sharq (Paul Moradian) 42 Sherif St. Cairo and produced by Nahdet al-Sharq Films. Plot summary: Two journalist friends were working at a news agency trying to find effective reports for publication. One of them told a girl he was in love with her. She tried to trap them for an international gang that was working to smuggle goods out of the country. The two friends discovered what the girl was doing and decided to go after the gang and expose her criminal activities to international and local authorities. The chase began but the girl decided to leave the gang and help her lover. The gang was arrested and the boy married his repentant love.

Cast and crew: Youssef Maalouf, Masoud Isa, Youssef Isa, Farag, Ismail Yasseen, Shadia, Kamal Al-Shennawi, Fakher Fakher, Abdel Ghani Qamar, Lutfi al-Hakim, Reyad El Kasabgy, Edmond Tuema, Ahmed Al-Gazayeri, Abdel Moneim Ismail, Ahmed Abaza, Hana Adel

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Charming Mothers-in-Law الحموات الفاتنات Kamal Al-Shennawi Egyptian film program

Charming mothers-in-law (1953) - (Kamal Al-Shennawi) Egyptian film program

This is a rare 8" x 11" film program for the 1953 Helmy Rafla film Charming Mothers-in-Law based on screenplay and dialogue by Abu Seoud El-Ibiary and starring Kamal Al-Shennawi as Samir. Plot summary: In this lively comedy a pair of newlyweds (Kamal Al-Shennawi and Kariman as Nabila) share their love nest with the two mothers-in-law, who fight constantly.

Cast and crew: Helmy Rafla, Abu Seoud El-Ibiary, Kamal Al-Shennawi, Marie Monib, Mimi Shakeeb, Abdel Salam Al-Nabulsy, Kariman, Ismail Yasseen

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Sunday, July 29, 2018

We Live Once العمر واحد Ismail Yasseen 1954 Egyptian film program

We Live Once (1954) - (Ismail Yasseen) Egyptian film program

Pictured here is an 8" x 11" 12-page Egyptian program for the 1954 Ihsan Ferghal musical comedy We Live Once [al-omr wahd] starring Ismail Yassine based on story and dialogue by Abu Seoud El-Ibiary with cinematography by Mostafa Hassan. Plot summary: The owner of a company lusted after his secretary and wanted to seduce her, but the secretary loved an engineer in the company named Nafe [Ismail Yasseen]. The secretary married him and the director [Abdel Fatah Al Kasri] fired them. In the face of the unemployment problems the engineer decided to go to Brazil where his twin brother Masoud [also Ismail Yasseen] lived. He boarded an aircraft that crashed and killed all the passengers and the wife and the brother took the insurance money, which put them on a better social level. However Nafe soon appeared; the two had many problems hiding him and Nafe wore many disguises. He saw with his own eyes how men lusted after his wife in his absence. Nafe's ruse was discovered, the police arrested him and the company demanded the money. Nafe's brother arrived from Brazil and paid the insurance money, ending the problems surrounding Nafe.

Cast and crew: Ihsan Fergal, Ismail Yasseen, Habaieb, Zeinat Sedki, Abdel Fatah Al Kasri, Imad Hamdi, Gamalat Zayed, Mostafa Hassan, Abu Seoud El-Ibiary, Hermine, Wedad Hamdy

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Saturday, July 28, 2018

Yasmin ياسمين Anwar Wagdi 1950 Egyptian film program

Yasmin (1950) - (Feyrouz) Iranian Egyptian film program

This is a 6.25" x 9.25" 20-page Egyptian program for the 1950 musical Yasmin written and directed by Anwar Wagdi with screenplay and dialogue by Abou Seoud El-Ibiary and starring Feyrouz as Yasmin/Atuta. Plot summary: The head of the family Adel [Mohamamd al-Dib] did not want another daughter, so when Yasmin was born he left her at the door of a shelter. Adel later died; the girl grew up and ran away from the shelter to join a gang of pickpockets as Atuta. She happened to meet an unemployed trumpet player named Wahid [Anwar Wagdi] who asked her to help him with his act, stop stealing and repent. She lived with him for a time but got tired of the respectable life and went back to the gang. Wahid discovered that Atuta was a rich man's daughter. When Atuta's gang robbed her grandfather's [Zaki Rostom] villa the gang was arrested; Atuta became Yasmin again and went back to her mother, [Madiha Yousri] who married Wahid.

Cast and crew: Anwar Wagdi, Madiha Yousri, Abdel Rahman, Zaki Rostom, Abdelhalim Nasr, Feyrouz, Abdel Hamid Zaki, Abu Seoud El-Ibiary, Abdel Aziz Khalil, Mohammad al-Dib, Reyad El Kasabgy, Abdel Hamid Zaki, Zeinab Sedky, Zaki Ibrahim, Mohammad Kamel, Mohammad Abu al-Seoud

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Scheherezade شهرزاد Hussein Sedki 1946 Egyptian film program

Scheherezade (1946) - (Hussein Sedki) Egyptian film program

This is an original year printing of a 9.25" x 6.75" 12-page Egyptian program for the 1946 Fouad El Jazairly 100-minute black-and-white film Scheherezade [shahrzad] starring Hussein Sedki based on a screenplay by Fouad El Jazairly with cinematography by Mohamed Abdel Aziz. The film was produced by Modern Egypt Films and distributed by Montakhebat Behna. Plot Summary: The young sultan Shahriar announced his desire to marry, then chose a bride who betrayed him. This transformed his attitude towards women. He declared women were only good for enjoyment and did not deserve wealth. He then declared he would marry a virgin every night, then kill her at dawn after he had enjoyed her. After his swordsman had killed many of them he chose a minister's daughter named Scheherezade who had decided to save other girls from this oppressive sultan. She told him a story that did not end by dawn so he did not kill her, hoping the story would end the next night. However when she finished the story the next night he let her start another. This continued for 1001 nights. She was able to win Shahriar's heart and save herself as well as all the other women in the kingdom. This made her an immortal legend.

Cast and crew: s, Soad Ahmed, Istar Shatta, Nelly Mazlum, Yahya Negati, Saleheh Qasin, Amina Sedki, Safia Helmy

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Sea of Love بحر الغرام Naima Akef 1956 Egyptian film program

Sea of Love (1956) - (Naima Akef) Egyptian film program

Pictured is a 9.25" x 9.25" 12-page Egyptian program designed to promote the 1956 95-minute black-and-white film Sea of Love [bahr al-gharam] written and directed by Hussein Fawzi starring Naima Akef with screenplay by Hussein Fawzi and Amin Yousef Ghurab, dialogue by Amin Youssef Ghurab and cinematography by Mohamed Abdel Azim. Plot summary: Touna [Naima Akef] and Amin [Rushdy Abaza] were sweethearts in Damietta in a fishing compound owned by their two fathers. They loved the constant clear skies and the pure waters of the Mediterranean but each became angry and jealous when seeing the other interacting casually with a member of the opposite gender. Amin's boat was caught in a storm and he was badly injured. A theater director [Youssef Wahby] recognized Touna's talent and offered her work as a performer, so she went to Cairo and became a showgirl so she could pay Amin's costly medical expenses at a Cairo hospital.

Cast and crew: Hussein Fawzi, Youssef Wahby, Naima Akef, Rushdy Abaza, Mohamed Abdel Azim, Amin Youssef Ghurab, Abdel Salam Al Nabulsy, Samiha Tawfiq, El Sayed Bedeir, Abdel Waress Assar, Mokhtar Hussein, Saad Ahmed

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She's Cute بلدي و خفة Naima Akef 1949 Egyptian film program

She's Cute (1949) - (Naima Akef) Egyptian film program

This is a rare original Egyptian program for the 1949 musical She's Cute! [baladi wa khifa] written and directed by Hussein Fawzi and starring Naima Akef as Hanouma. Plot summary: Hanouma was engaged to Mahrous, [Saad Abdel Wahab] a musician. She met Khaled Bey, [Abbas Fares] a film director, who introduced her to the world of fame. She turned her back on the people in her old neighborhood, but after that she was torn between the devil and a good angel tugging at her from opposite directions; she finally went back to Mahrous.

Cast and crew: Hussein Fawzi, Saad Abdel Wahab, Naima Akef, Abbas Fares, Mahmoud Choukoukou, Lola Sedki, Stephan Rosti, Zeinat Sedki

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Friday, July 27, 2018

Miss Bossy الآنسة بوسه Nour Al Hoda 1945 Egyptian film program

Miss Bossy (1945) - (Nour Al Hoda) Egyptian film program

This is a rare original Egyptian program for the 1945 Niazi Mostafa musical Miss Bossy [al-anisa busa] based on story and dialogue by Abu Seoud El-Ibiary with screenplay by Niazi Mostafa, cinematography by Mostafa Hassan and starring Nour Al Hoda as Miss Bossy. Plot summary: Fawzi Basha [Bechara Wakim] made an agreement with his daughter Bossy that she would marry someone she loved because of who he was and not because of his money. Fawzi went bankrupt and moved into a humble dwelling in a poor neighborhood, where he wandered the streets playing a keyboard while his daughter sang. His daughter fell in love with a boy from a rich family named Mohsen [Mahmoud Zulfikar]. Her father approved of their love but the boy's family forbade his relationship with a girl who was a poor street musician. Mohsen stayed with her anyway and they eventually married despite their social differences.

Cast and crew: Niazi Mostafa, Hour Al Hoda, Hassan Fayek, Ferdoos Mohammad, Bechara Wakim, Mahmoud Zulfikar, Abu Seoud El-Ibiary, Mostafa Hassan

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Thursday, July 26, 2018

The Beast الوحش Anwar Wagdi 1954 Egyptian film program

The Beast (1954) - (Anwar Wagdi) Egyptian film program

This is an original 12-page 8" x 11" Egyptian program designed by Solly for the 1954 Salah Abouseif film The Beast AKA The Monster AKA Al-Wahsh based on a story by Naguib Mahfouz with screenplay by Naguib Mahfouz and Salah Abouseif, dialogue by El Sayed Bedeir and starring Anwar Wagdi as Officer Raouf Saleh. Plot summary: Abdel Sabour [Mahmoud El-Meliguy] was a thief and a smuggler known as The Beast to the people in one of the villages of upper Egypt; everyone was afraid of him, including the police. He enjoyed the protection of Redwan Pasha, [Abbas Fares] who in turn used him during elections to eliminate his rivals. Officer Raouf Saleh was sent to the village with his wife and son with the assignment of arresting The Beast. However The Beast and his gang worked together from the beginning trying to dispose of the officer and his family in any way possible.

Cast and crew: Samia Gamal, Anwar Wagdi, Mahmoud El-Meliguy, Abbas Fares, Salah Abouseif, Naguib Mahfouz, Abdelhalim Nasr, Abbas Fares, Samiha Ayyoub, Mohammad Tawfik, Abdel Ghani Kamar, Nazim Shaarawy, Mahmoud Hamdy

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Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Bitter Sugar قند تلخ Yekta Naser 2008 Iranian one-sheet

Bitter Sugar (2008) - (Yekta Naser) Iranian one-sheet

This is a 26.5" x 38" Iranian poster designed by Amir Sheiban Khaqani for the 2008 film Bitter Sugar written and directed by Mohamed Arab and starring Yekta Naser. Plot summary: In the Province of Gilan a mother [Yekta Naser] struggles and sacrifices to deliver medicine to her son Parsa, a karate enthusiast.

Cast and crew: Bi, Saeedeh Khadijeh Mowsoomi, Shahin Jafari, Neganeh Bahadoran

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A House beside the Clouds خانه ای کنار ابر ها Hamed Komeili 2014 Iranian one-sheet

A House beside the Clouds (2014) - (Hamed Komeili) Iranian one-sheet

This is a 26.5" x 38" Iranian poster designed by Qazi Khan for the 2014 film A House beside the Clouds written and directed by Seyed Jalal Dehghani Ashkezari and starring Hamed Komeili as Amir. Plot summary: In the 1980s during the Iran-Iraq war Amir and Masoud [Hedayat Hashemi] are two friends working together for a common objective, which is to swindle the families of soldiers who are away fighting in the war.

Cast and crew: Seyed Jalal Dehghani Ashkezari, Qazi Khan, Negar Abedi, Arshia Gashtasbi Amiri, Sarina Najafi Bahadori, Hedayat Hashemi, Hamed Komeili, Sogol Nosrati, Afarin Obeisi

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A Few Cubic Meters of Love چند متر مکعب عشق Saed Soheil 2014 Iranian one-sheet

A Few Cubic Meters of Love (2014) - (Saed Soheili) Iranian one-sheet

This is a 26.5" x 38" Iranian poster designed Behzad Khorshdi for the 2014 Jamshid Mahmoudi film A Few Cubic Meters of Love written by Jamshid and Navid Mahmoudi and starring Saed Soheili as Saber. Plot summary: On the outskirts of Tehran a small factory illegally employs Afghan refugees, who are living in nearby shanty towns in old containers or improvised shacks. An Iranian worker named Saber falls in love with Marona, [Hasiba Ebrahimi] the daughter of an Afghan worker. Their association faces a myriad of opposing social pressures. Winner of the Jury Prize at the Dhaka International Film Festival, and at the 2014 Fajr Film Festival the film won the Crystal Simorgh for best directing in a first film competition [Jamshid Mahmoudi] best screenplay in a first film competition [Navid and Jamshid Mahmoudi] best sound mix [Amir-Hossein Ghasemi] and best sound recording [Mehdi Saleh Kermani].

Cast and crew: Jamshid Mahmoudi, Behzad Khorshidi, Navid Mahmoudi, Hasiba Ebrahimi, Nader Fallah, Masoud Mirtaheri, Alireza Ostadi, Saed Soheili

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Salma and the Apple سیب و سلما Hadi Dibaji 2010 Iranian one-sheet

Salma and the Apple (2010) - (Hadi Dibaji) Iranian one-sheet

This is a 26.5" x 38" Iranian poster designed by Behzad Khorshidi for the 2010 Habibollah Bahmani film Salma and the Apple written by Seyed Naser Hashemzadeh and starring Hadi Dibaji as Sadeq.

Cast and crew: Habibollah Bahmani, Behzad Khorshidi, Seyed Naser Hashemzadeh, Hadi Dibaji, Soghol Gholatian, Jafar Dehghan, Ismail Khalaj, Behrooz Baghayi, Davood Fathali Beigi, Mohammad Ali Soleyman Tash, Zooya Imami, Masoud Choobin

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Love by Chance شانس عشق تصادف Hamid Askari 2014 Iranian one-sheet

Love by Chance (2014) - (Hamid Askari) Iranian one-sheet

This is a 26.5" x 38" Iranian poster for the 2014 Arash Moayerian film Love by Chance written by Peyman Hamidi and starring Hamid Askari as Hamid. Plot summary: Sarmadi [Mohammad Reza Sharifinia] is a wealthy man who marries Nahid [Behnoosh Tabatabaei] temporarily. Nahid has her eye on his wealth. After his daughter Minu [Sahar Ghoreishi] becomes reconciled to the temporary marriage he plans to marry Nahid permanently. However Minu opposes her father's marriage to Nahid. Sarmadi lives with Nahid and Minu in his villa in the north. The villa is close to a camp for orphan boys under the supervision of a young man named Hamid [Hamid Askari]. Minu falls in love with Hamid. Nahid, who is worried about losing the marriage and Sarmadi's money, invites her gambler brother Borzoo [Omid Olumi] to the villa, falsely claiming he is a successful engineer in America. She asks him to win Minu over and marry her. However Minu has no interest in him because she likes Hamid. Nahid and her brother set fire to the orphan tent to distract Minu and her father from Hamid, but the children realize what they are doing and escape the fire. Minu's father finally sees what Nahid and her brother are up to and turns them over to the police. He agrees to Minu's marriage to Hamid.

Cast and crew: Arash Moayerian, Peyman Hamidi, Hamid Askari, Sahar Ghoreishi, Sirus Gorjestani, Mohamad Reza Sharifinia, Behnoosh Tabatabaei

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Saturday, July 7, 2018

The Painting Pool حوض نقاشی Shahab Hosseini 2013 Iranian one-sheet

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The Painting Pool (2013) - (Shahab Hosseini) Iranian one-sheet

This is a 26.5" x 38" Iranian poster designed by Behzad Khorshidi for the 2013 Mazyar Miri film The Painting Pool written by Hamed Momammadi and starring Shahab Hosseini as Reza. Plot summary: Maryam [Negar Javaherian] and Reza are a happily married couple with less intelligence than most other people. They need to prove they can resolve their problems with love, but their simplicity creates difficulties them that are not easily understood by others, especially in bringing up their son Soheil [Sepahrad Farzami]. Producer Manouchehr Mohammadi won the UNESCO Award at the 2013 Asia Pacific Screen Awards. At the 2013 Fajr Film Festival director Maziar Miri won the Audience Award for Best Film and Atoosa Ghalamfarsaie won the Crystal Simorgh for Best Set and Costume Design.

Cast and crew: Maziar Miri, Behzad Khorshidi, Hamed Mohammadi, Shahab Hosseini, Negar Javaherian, Elham Korda, Fereshteh Sadre Orafaiy, Manouchehr Mohammadi, Atoosa Ghalamfarsaie, Sepahrad Farzami

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