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Trade Posters in the Egyptian Film Industry

Egyptian film posters have always been made by local printers who served other trades. I have found four Egyptian trade posters made of the same paper stock and size as most of the standard Egyptian one-sheet (27" x 39") film posters, two of them commissioned by workers in the film industry.

The first was commissioned by attorney and writer Adly El-Mowalid:

Adly El-Mowalid


It is not clear to me if this poster was intended to promote his
business as an attorney, as a writer, or both. There is no
mention of his work in film on the poster, but his name appears there exactly as it is always shown on film posters that credit him for writing: "Adly El-Mowalid, the Attorney."

The poster was printed by al-Nasr printers, with art by Wahib Fahmy. Both of them worked on many film posters.

Here are some posters for films for which Adly El-Mowalid is credited as a writer:

An Abnormal Girl [fatat shaza] (1964) starring Shouweikar, directed by Ahmed Diaeddin

From Home to School [min al-beit ila al-madrasa] (1972) starring Naglaa Fathy, directed by Ahmed Diaeddin

The Giant (1964) starring Farid Shawqi, directed by Sayed Essa

Girls Complain [sha'awet banat] (1963) starring Soad Hosny directed by Houssam El-Din Mustafa

Lion of the Night [sabu' al-leyl] (1971) starring Rushdy Abaza directed by Hassan El-Seify

The Love of Teenagers (1970) starring Ahmed Mazhar, directed by Mahmoud Zulfikar.

Reckless Girl [bint shaqiya] (1967) starring Nadia Lutfi, directed by Houssam El-Din Mustafa

Son of Satan (1968) starring Farid Shawqi directed by Houssam El-Din Mustafa

The Student and the Professor (1968) starring Soad Hosny, directed by Ahmed Diaeddin

Student Follies [namar al-talamiza] (1965) starring Samira Ahmed, directed by Essa Karama

The Three Adventurers (1966) starring Soad Hosny, directed by Houssam El-Din Mustafa

The second non-film poster made in the film poster format I have was commissioned by the dancer Hermine:


Hermine was featured in three films for which I have memorabilia:

She Lived for Love ['ashat lil-hob] (1959) - (Zubaida Tharwat)

Lobby card for We Live Once [al-omr wahed] (1954) starring Ismail Yasseen, directed by Ihsan Fergal

Film poster for Cheers [fi sahetak] (1955) starring Hamdy Gheith directed by Abbas Kamel.

Film program for Cheers [fi sahetak] (1955) starring Hamdy Gheith, directed by Abbas Kamel

Ministry of Culture Posters

Nights of Ramadan [layalet ramadan] (1969) Egyptian Ministry of Culture program poster

Sharam Baram (ND) Egyptian Ministry of Culture theater poster

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