Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Quail and the Autumn (1967) Egyptian one-sheet

Al-Saman wal-Kharif [The Quail and the Autumn] Egyptian film directed by Houssam El-Din Mustafa; the people depicted on the poster (artist unknown) are Mahmoud Moursy as Esa and Nadia Lutfi as Riri.

Cast: Adel Adham, Abdallan Gheith, Nadia Lutfi, Mahmoud Moursy, Ihsan El-Kalawy, Leila Sheir, Naima Wasfy, Mimi Shakeeb, Ehsan Sherif; cinematography Klelio, screenplay and dialogue Ahmad Abbas Salah.

This black-and-white film is based on a story by Naguib Mahfouz.

Plot summary: With the revolution hopes ended for Esa the tanner (Mahmoud Moursy), a political party youth who had promised himself to be a man of the future, especially since he had failed to adapt to it on a personal or a general level and his marriage to Salwa (Leila Sheir) had failed. Esa fled to Alexandria and while carousing in a nightclub there he met Riri (Nadia Lutfi), a girl of the night who came to love him almost immediately. However he dispensed with her when he discovered she was pregnant. Riri married an older man to give her daughter a name and protect herself from ruin. Esa returned after six years to confirm that the girl was his daughter and to try to persuade Riri to marry him, but she refused. In the end there was a reconciliation between them, just as there had been a reconciliation with the political system of the revolution, through one of his best friends who had stood on the side of the July revolution. According to film critic Sa'ad al-Din Tawfiq this is one of the top 100 Egyptian films.

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