Saturday, August 10, 2013

The Long Haul (1957) Diana Dors, Victor Mature

The Long Haul (1957) - (Victor Mature) Italian Busta

This is a beautiful 26" x 18.75" Italian busta for the 1957 Ken Hughes film The Long Haul where Mature has the role of a recently discharged US Army truck driver lured into a smuggling operation with the help of a gangster's moll named Lynn (Diana Dors). Cast and crew: Ken Hughes, Mervyn Mills, Victor Mature, Diana Dors, Patrick Allen, Gene Anderson, Peter Reynolds, Liam Redmond, John Welsh, Meir Tzelniker, Michael Wade, Dervis Ward, Murray Kash, Ewen Solon, Jameson Clark, Wensley Pithey

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