Saturday, September 22, 2007

Egyptian Borsalino & Co. Poster

Egyptian Borsalino & Co. (R1978) Film Poster

The red Arabic letters at the top are the Arabic title translation "Lust for Vengeance" [shahwet al-intiqam]. The blue Arabic letters just below the title are the Arabic transliteration for the name of the film's star Alain Delon. Note the color correspondences between the Arabic title and credit at the top and the English ones at the bottom.

Lower Right Corner of Poster

The lower right corner of the poster tells us the name of the distributor and the release date.

The Arabic word "release" [tarkhis] reading from right to left, followed on the left by the Arabic numerals 78/80.

The Arabic word "distribution" [tawzi'] followed by a colon on the left side.

Arabic word for distribution followed on the left by the distributor's name "The Vanguard Films Company" [sherket aflam al-tali'a]

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