Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Unorthodox "15 Minutes"

This poster looks like a standard theater poster, but with the help of close analysis by Ed Poole of, I've come to the conclusion that this is a cleverly assembled ad hoc one-sheet. The image differs from US and European official posters for this film, and some of the conventional ratings and logos are changed or eliminated. There are also several spelling errors, beginning with the work "Youk" in the title area and including two of the names in the credits. This suggests that the text on the poster was arranged to resemble a US or European one-sheet (size of the poster is 22.5" x 38.5"), but typed in manually without careful proofreading. Here's a close-up of the credits:

Here's an image Ed provided of the credits on the US one-sheet:

The differences in the way the credits are laid out, the non-standard image on the poster, the misspelled names for Edward Burns and the name of the director of photography, the absence of the ratings box on the left, the absence of the logo on the AOL keyword line and the distributor name "New Line Cinema" (which distributes only in the US), all suggest that this poster is a clever imitation done by a film distributor in Egypt (where I found the poster) who had the film but no posters!

Ed Poole sent me this picture of the still from the film that was modified to make the graphic in the poster design:

Most people collect what are called standard theater posters, but there are other interesting movie posters that don't fit that category!

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