Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Al-Helal's Egyptian Cinema Retrospective

The volume shown above is a 100-year retrospective on Egyptian film, published last December by Cairo's Al-Helal magazine. It is an anthology of articles covering various aspects of film and the making of films in Egypt during that period.

In looking it over about a week ago I noticed that over 70 images from my Egyptian film posters website had been included, with no acknowledgment of source!

I sent them an email ( suggesting it would have been nice if they had thanked me for doing all that work for them, but got no reply. This is because in Egypt publications apparently do not credit sources for published images. They were probably puzzled that they heard from me. I looked at a few other journals and saw the same practice was being followed in them too, on all images. They just print, sometimes have a caption, but never mention the source. A couple of examples of images taken from my site as they appeared in the Al-Helal anthology:

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