Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Egyptian posters for films directed by Inas Al Degheidy

Inas Al Degheidy was born in Cairo in 1954. She is Egypt's most successful woman film director, and also one of its most controversial public figures. She believes Egypt is a closed society that needs change and among other things has called for the legalization of prostitution in Egypt. Her films depict her social issues and also carry powerful dramatic impact. I have collected posters for 16 of her feature films.

Excuse Me Law! Style A (1985)

Excuse Me Law! Style B (1985)

The Challenge (1988)

Forbidden Times (1988)

One Woman Is Not Enough (1990)

The Murderess (1992)

Lace (1993)

Disco Disco (1994)

Cheap Flesh (1995)

Lobster (1996)

Night Whispers [kalam al-layl] (1999)

The Red Rose (2000)

Diary of a Teenager (2001)

Seekers of Freedom (2004)

Let's Dance (2006)

Crazy about Amira [magnoon amira] (2009)

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