Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Hands of Steel Release in Egypt 1986

Egyptian poster for the 1986 Sergio Martino film Vendetta del futuro, aka Hands of Steel.

This film, like all films shown in Egypt, had to get an official exhibition release permit from the Supreme Culture Assembly Office of Foreign Films Supervision under the General Office of Technical Works Supervision.

This is what the release permit looked like:

The form measures 6.5" x 8.5" inches and has lots of technical information about the film, including the weight (16.3 kg) of the 5 reels holding the acetate. On the back of the form, the supervisor of the Foreign Films Supervision Office (Madiha al-Garia) wrote remarks about how the content of the film's fourth and fifth reels was excised:

You don't find notes about the censor's cuts on the back of every Egyptian film release permit. Here's what she said:

Fourth Reel

After the beginning in the nightclub two nearly naked girls were doing a strip tease dance; two scenes were omitted.

Two shots were cut out after the middle showing the hero cutting off the bionic woman's head, which fell on the floor while she was talking.

Fifth Reel

At the beginning a shot was omitted showing blood coming out of the truck driver's mouth after the hero pressed his head. Then two sentences with Arabic subtitles were cut with the man speaking to the hero: "You grabbed my throat and were about to kill me" and "I will not have another one like you."

Then scenes were cut that showed the hero pulling the man's heart out of his chest with his hands and throwing it on the floor while continuing to beat him on the chest.

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