Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Egyptian Stage Fright Poster

Egyptian Three-piece Poster

This is a Warner Brothers poster printed in Egypt for the 1950 Hitchock film Stage Fright. It is printed in three pieces and measures 79.5" x 39.5". This is a common Egyptian size. The three sheets used to make the design are each roughly the standard 27" x 39" size for an Egyptian one-sheet. It was printed by Raghaeb printers, an old company that was active in Egypt mostly in the 1940s. It is signed by the artist Wahib Fahmy, who made the designs for many Egyptian posters for foreign films. Fahmy sometimes did original designs but for foreign films he usually relied almost entirely on elements of the design used in some poster issued by the film's foreign studio, and that is what he did for this poster. The Arabic title translation at the top is "Crime on the Stage" with the name Hitchcock in the red script.

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