Sunday, October 21, 2012

Blackthorn (2011) directed by Mateo Gil

Blackthorn one-sheet (2011) - (Sam Shepard)

Blackthorn (2011) directed by Mateo Gil

This is one of the greatest western movies. Butch Cassidy (Sam Shepard) is on the run in Bolivia under the false name Sam Blackthorn, with a bandit companion (Eduardo Noriega) named Engineer Eduardo Apodaca.

They are spending the night in an abandoned mission and James is telling Eduardo about his past.

James: See one day I woke up and found myself alone. Seemed like everybody I knew was either dead or in jail. They thought I was dead too so I just did what any good dead person would do. I went off and raised me some horses--20 years! That was a big change. Quiet times. You see, I'm too long in the tooth to go off and be what I used to be, just an ordinary old bandit.

Eduardo: You should have become a rancher. You'd be rich now instead of being here with me.

James: Rich? I've been my own man. There's nothin' richer than that!

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