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Dreams of Hind and Camilia [أحلام هند وكاميليا] [ahlam hind we kamilia] (1989) - (Ahmed Zaki)

Dreams of Hind and Camelia (1989) - (Ahmed Zaki) Egyptian one-sheet

This poster was designed and printed by the award-winning Egyptian poster designer Hassan Mazhar Gasour for the 1989 Mohamed Khan film Dreams of Hind and Camilia based on story and screenplay by Mohamed Khan and starring Ahmed Zaki as Aid. As with many films by great directors, the magic of this film is in the visual detail that gives life to the story. The combination of director Mohamed Khan and the work of the late Ahmed Zaki and his two co-stars Naglaa Fathy and Aida Reyad are potent and engaging in this film, in ways not conveyed by the outline of the story. Plot Summary: Hind [Aida Reyad] was a pretty and honorable young widow who worked in homes as a maid. Her dreams were taken up with the search for the right man who would rescue her from her miserable life. She met Aid [Ahmed Zaki], a charming swindler who loved her for the moment and got her involved in many problems and difficulties because of his deviant character. He was put in prison and left a foetus in her belly without marrying her. Camilia [Naglaa Fathy] was a divorced beauty who also worked as a maid. She helped her unemployed brother, his wife and their children in return for them allowing her to live in their apartment. Camilia constantly resented her miserable situation and kept hoping to improve her life. She married a greedy old man who forced her to steal. Camilia mediated between Hind and Aid so they would marry. Hind had a beautiful child that she named Ahlam [dreams]. Aid stole some money but was arrested and imprisoned. Hind and Camilia stumbled upon the money Aid had stolen and hidden. They took Ahlam on a taxi trip to Alexandria to fulfill some of their small dreams. The taxi driver and his assistant drugged them and robbed them. When they woke up where the driver had left them beside the ocean they had lost everything, but Ahlam was still standing nearby on the beach.

Cast: Ahmed Zaki, Naglaa Fathy, Aida Reyad, Mohsen Nasr, Hassan El Adl, Mohamed Kamel and Mohga Abdel Rahman.

Bronze Award at the Valencia Film Fest in 1988. Best Direction from Egyptian Film Society Festival in 1989. Best Film from the Catholic Film Centre in Cairo in 1989. Screened at the Tashkent, Carthage, Bahrain, Nantes and Tetouan Film Festivals, between 1989 and 1995, named one of the 100 landmarks of Egyptian film in 2007 by the Bibliothecha Alexandarina.

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