Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Mad Jake (1990) - (Danny Nelson) Egyptian one-sheet

Mad Jake (1990) - (Danny Nelson) Egyptian one-sheet poster

Pictured is a 27.5" x 39" Egyptian promotional poster designed by al-Ashqa and distributed by Ahmed Darwish Films for the 1990 Tucker Johnston horror film Mad Jake starring Danny Nelson as Jake Pruit. Plot summary: Jake is a redneck preacher who kidnaps people off the highway, cuts them open for "medical experiments" and then sells their organs on the black market. He runs into unexpected problems with April Evans [Lori Birdsong], one of his intended victims. An alternate title is Blood Salvage.

Cast and crew: Tucker Johnston, Danny Nelson, Lori Birdsong, Christian Hesler, Ralph Pruitt Vaughn, John Saxon, Ray Walston, Ken Sanders, Laura Whyte, Andy Greenway, Dan Albright, Gil Roper, Lonnie R. Smith Jr., Byron Cherry, P.J. Shinall, Evander Holyfield, Lou Duva

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