Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Savannah Smiles (1982) - (Mark Miller) US one-sheet

Savannah Smiles (1982) - (Mark Miller) US one-sheet

This is a 27" x 41" US one-sheet poster for the 1982 Pierre De Moro film Savannah Smiles based on story and screenplay by Mark Miller and starring Mark Miller as Alvin Gibbs. Plot summary: In the Salt Lake City area, six-year-old Savannah Driscoll [Bridgette Andersen] feels neglected and unwanted by her affluent parents because her father Richard [Chris Robinson] is running for US Senate and has little time for her. She runs away from home during an outing to a park and hides in the back seat of an old stolen vehicle being used by two escaped convicts named Boots McGaffee [Donovan Scott] and Alvie. The convicts do not discover Savannah is with them until a police officer looks in the car and sees her, whereupon they pretend Bootsie is her uncle. Savannah's parents Richard and Joan [Barbara Stanger] report that she is missing and hire a private detective named Harland Dobbs, [Peter Graves] who concludes Savannah has been kidnapped. They offer $100,000 for her safe return. Meanwhile, Savannah bonds with Alvie and Bootsie because they are giving her the love and attention she has not been getting from her parents.

Cast and crew: Mark Miller, Donovan Scott, Bridgette Anderson, Chris Robinson, Michael Parks, Barbara Stanger, Peter Graves, Pat Morita, Philip Abbott, Fran Ryan, Ray Anzalone, John Fiedler, Carol Wayne, Don Steffey, Oscar Rowland

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