Monday, January 2, 2017

Hercules against the Mongols R1988 Mark Forest Egyptian one-sheet

Hercules against the Mongols (R1988) - (Mark Forest) Egyptian one-sheet

This is a folded original 27" x 39" Egyptian movie poster designed by Moaty for a 1988 rerelease of the 1963 Domenico Paolella film Hercules against the Mongols based on a screenplay by Alessandro Ferraru, Luciano Martino and Domenico Paolella and starring Mark Forest as Hercules. Plot summary: The beautiful Princess Bianca de Tudela [José Greci] is rescued twice by Hercules as he fights back against the sons of Genghis Khan who have taken the Spanish city of Tudela, becoming a slave himself the second time as the price of winning a tournament for Bianca's release. When the City of Tudela is retaken by the West Hercules kills the three sons of Genghis Khan, saving Bianca a third time.

Cast and crew: Alessandro Ferrau, Luciano Martino, Mark Forest, Maria Grazia Spina, Ken Clark, Jose Greci, Howard Ross, Tullio Altamura, Domenico Paolella, Nadir Moretti, Tullio Altamura, Bianca Doria, Fedela Gentile, Loris Loddi, Giuseppe Addobbati, Bruno Scipioni, Renato Terra

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