Wednesday, January 25, 2017

P.O.W. The Escape (1986) - (David Carradine) Egyptian one-sheet

P.O. W. the Escape (1986) - (David Carradine) Egyptian one-sheet

This is a 27" x 39" Egyptian poster designed by Sami for the 1986 Gideon Amier Film P.O.W. the Escape AKA Behind Enemy Lines AKA Attack Force Nam written by Malcolm Barbour, James Bruner, Avi Kleinberger, John Langley and Jeremy Lipp and starring David Carradine as Colonel James Cooper. Plot summary: 101st Airborne Colonel James Cooper is captured by the Viet Cong during an attempt to rescue some American POWs just before the end of the Vietnam War in 1973, after his helicopter is shot down and he is the only survivor. Viet Cong camp commander Captain Vinh [Mako] tries to negotiate with Cooper for support so he can make a new life for himself later on in the USA.

Cast and crew: David Carradine, Gideon Amir, Malcolm Barbour, James Bruner, Avi Kleinberger, John Langley, Jeremy Lipp, Charles R. Floyd, Mako, Steve James, Phil Brock, Daniel Demorest, Tony Pierce, Steve Freedman, James Acheson, Rudy Daniels, Ken Metcalfe, Kenneth Weaver, Michael James, Irma Alegre, Spanky Manikan

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