Saturday, July 8, 2017

King of Kong Island (1968) - (Brad Harris) Egyptian one-sheet

King of Kong Island (1968) - (Brad Harris) Style A Egyptian one-sheet

This is a 27" x 39" Egyptian poster designed by Abdel Ghani for the 1968 Roberto Mauri AKA Robert Morris film King of Kong Island AKA Jungla 2000 AKA Eva, la Venere selvaggia based on a story by Ralph Zucker and Walter Brandi, screenplay by Roberto Mauri and starring Brad Harris as Burt Dawson. Plot summary: Eva [Esmeralda Barros] is a half-naked jungle girl known locally as the "sacred monkey" who has been raised in the forests of Kenya by wild gorillas. Albert Muller [Marc Lawrence] is a mad scientist experimenting with large apes hoping to transform them into his submissive bodyguards and military fighters by surgically implanting radio transmitters into their brains. Burt Dawson is a mercenary adventurer who goes into the jungle looking for his friend Diana [Ursula Davis] after her abduction by gorillas.

Cast and crew: Roberto Mauri, Robert Morris, Abdel Ghani, Brad Harris, Paul Carter, Jim Clay, Esmeralda Barros, Marc Lawrence, Adriana Alben, Mark Farran, Paulo Mogalotti, Aldo Cecconi, Mario Donatone, Miles Mason, Gino Turini, Ursula Davis, Gianni Pulone

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