Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Love by Chance شانس عشق تصادف Hamid Askari 2014 Iranian one-sheet

Love by Chance (2014) - (Hamid Askari) Iranian one-sheet

This is a 26.5" x 38" Iranian poster for the 2014 Arash Moayerian film Love by Chance written by Peyman Hamidi and starring Hamid Askari as Hamid. Plot summary: Sarmadi [Mohammad Reza Sharifinia] is a wealthy man who marries Nahid [Behnoosh Tabatabaei] temporarily. Nahid has her eye on his wealth. After his daughter Minu [Sahar Ghoreishi] becomes reconciled to the temporary marriage he plans to marry Nahid permanently. However Minu opposes her father's marriage to Nahid. Sarmadi lives with Nahid and Minu in his villa in the north. The villa is close to a camp for orphan boys under the supervision of a young man named Hamid [Hamid Askari]. Minu falls in love with Hamid. Nahid, who is worried about losing the marriage and Sarmadi's money, invites her gambler brother Borzoo [Omid Olumi] to the villa, falsely claiming he is a successful engineer in America. She asks him to win Minu over and marry her. However Minu has no interest in him because she likes Hamid. Nahid and her brother set fire to the orphan tent to distract Minu and her father from Hamid, but the children realize what they are doing and escape the fire. Minu's father finally sees what Nahid and her brother are up to and turns them over to the police. He agrees to Minu's marriage to Hamid.

Cast and crew: Arash Moayerian, Peyman Hamidi, Hamid Askari, Sahar Ghoreishi, Sirus Gorjestani, Mohamad Reza Sharifinia, Behnoosh Tabatabaei

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