Sunday, February 24, 2019

T-Bird Gang John Brinkley US half-sheet

T-Bird Gang (1956) - (John Brinkley) US half-sheet

This is a 22" x 28" paper-backed US half-sheet poster for the 1959 Richard Harbinger film T-Bird Gang produced by Roger Corman, written by John Brinkley and Tony Miller and starring John Brinkley as Frank Simmons/Frank Minor. Plot summary: Frank Simmons is a high school boy who falls in with some juvenile delinquents known as the Hendricks Gang while trying to find his father's killer, whom he believes to be one of the gang members.

Cast and crew: Richard Harbinger, Roger Corman, John Brinkley, Ed Nelson, Tony Miller, Beach Dickerson, Pat George, Shelly Manne, Nola Thorp, Glenn Campbell, Trent Dollar, Coleman Francis, Steve Harris, Earl Miles, Henry Randolph, Vic Tayback

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