Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Yellow Rose رز زرد Amin Hayayee 2002 Style B Iranian movie poster

Yellow Rose (2002) - (Amin Hayayee) Iranian movie poster

This is an 18.75" x 26.5" Iranian poster for the 2002 Dariush Farhang film Yellow Rose written by Ali Khodsiani and starring Amin Hayayee as Arash. Plot summary: Davud [Bahram Radan] and Layli [Marjan Mohtasham] went north on their wedding night. On the way they met Mahshid [Hadis Folavand] and Arash [Amin Hayayee] and they traveled together. They had an accident which killed a black man; Arash and Davud threw the body into a swamp. After that Davud decided to go back, but Arash was against this. The two fought about it, but Davud did not defend himself. Layli saw this as a sign Davud was a coward and decided to leave him. To prevent this Davud told her about an incident in his life and the reason for his fear. His mother and father had had an argument in a boat and he had unwittingly thrown his father into the river, which killed him; then his mother also left him. Layli stuck by her decision to leave him.

Cast and crew: Dariush Farhang, Reza Banki, Ali Khodsiani, Amin Hayayee, Bahram Radan, Marjan Mohtasham, Hadis Foladvand

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