Saturday, July 18, 2020

Borders الحدود Duraid Lahham 1984 Lebanese Movie Poster

Borders (1984) - (Duraid Lahham) Lebanese one-sheet

This is a 26" x 37" Lebanese poster for the 1984 Duraid Lahham musical Borders [al-hodud] starring Duraid Lahham as Abdulwadood. Plot summary: Traveling between two countries satirically named "Eastistan" and "Westistan" Abdulwadood loses his passport and identity papers. Stuck between the two countries he can neither cross the frontiers nor get back where he came from. He's forced to camp in a neutral area. The movie mocks the common Arab use of the term "The Arab nation" [al-watan al-arabi] as if to imply all Arab nations are one country with no borders.

Cast and crew: Duraid Lahham, Mohammad al-Maghut, Raghda, Hani Al-Rumani, Omar Haggo, Rashid Assaf, Ahmed Milly, Ahmed Rafea, Sabah Al-Salem, Mohammed El Akkad, Mohammad El-Sheikh Najib, Ahmad Osman

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