Friday, July 10, 2020

Memory of a Night of Love ذكري ليلة حب Nelly Lebanese two-piece poster

Memory of a Night of Love (1973) - (Nelly) Lebanese two-piece poster

Pictured is a 38.5" x 53" two-piece Lebanese poster for the 1973 film Memory of a Night of Love written and directed by Seif Eddine Shawkat and starring Nelly as Layla. Plot summary: Anwar [Salah Zulfikar] is living happily with his wife Layla until he runs into his ex-girlfriend Camilia, [Nabila Ebeid] who is working as a dancer. She collapses and dies during a visit to his home; Anwar becomes a murder suspect.

Cast and crew: Seif Eddine Shawkat, Hassan Mazhar Gasour, Nelly, Salah Zulfikar, Nabila Ebeid, Ziad Mowali, Rafiq Sabi'i, Mariam Fakhr Eddine, Hala Shawkat, Khaled Taja, Nadia Arslan, Ahmed Abu Saeda, Mona Wassef

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