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Birds of Paradise [عصافير الجنة] (Fairuz) - (1955)

Birds of Paradise (1955) - (Fairuz) Egyptian one-sheet

Plot summary: The old husband of a young woman manager of a beverage company died and the employees gathered around her. One of them flattered her because he wanted to be the general director. However she preferred the company's director of advertising and took him as a husband instead of appointing him general director, even though he was already the husband of a good woman and the father of three girls. The new wife was able to convince her husband to divorce the mother of his children and keep his daughters with him until they were of legal age. This separation was painful for the family. The youngest went to visit her sisters in the home of her father. They decided to run away and resolved not to separate. The three sisters passed their nights outside for they had no place to go. Their lives continued in this painful way. The father and the divorced mother searched for the fugitive sisters with the police while a journalist became aware of this social problem, and then the truth was told. The three sisters disguised themselves as boys and went to work for the pianist Ibrahim and his boy, another child who had lost his family in a similar way. The three sisters took up the profession of dancing and singing accompanied by the piano and stayed in an abandoned bus procured for them by Nadia. They decided to attack the factory of the carbonated beverage company owned by the wife of the father. The three little girls began distributing publications and warning the people against buying the factory's products. This threatened the factory and brought it to a sales slump. The angry wealthy wife lodged complaints against the divorced wife accusing her of inciting her daughters against her.

The accused was interrogated and the police arrested the girl. The sisters learned of the arrest and fled with a determination to commit suicide. The police, the father and the mother began searching for the sisters and the group found clothing floating in the water. This seemed to mean the sisters had killed themselves, but then the girls suddenly appeared and the father embraced his divorced wife.

The Fairuz starring in this film was a much younger Egyptian actress and is not to be confused with Lebanese diva by the same name.

Cast and crew: Fairuz, Mahmoud Zulfikar, Seif Eddine Shawkat, Nelly, Aziza Helmy, Mohammed Tawfik, Hassan el Baroudi, Abdel Ghani Nagdi, Anwar Madkour, Abbas Rahmy, Hassan Tewfik, Bruno Salvi

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