Sunday, November 11, 2012

Unspoken Love (1959)

Unspoken Love (1959) - (Hind Rostom) Egyptian one-sheet

Boheira played games to get a successful man to marry her because she coveted his wealth, even though he was married to Samiha and loved her. The engineer's colleague Hoda loved him in silence and was content just to go along happily with his wife. Samiha had a daughter and after the birth the family and her husband agreed to an operation on her to save her life, without telling her. The girl grew and created a tie between the engineer and his wife. Boheira made her network around the engineer, but he thought of her as just a friend. However his wife was mindful of this and doubted him. The child died in an accdent and this killed the relationship between the enginer and his wife. Hoda made an effort to restore their unity and get rid of Boheira. Samiha learned from the physician that she would never bear children and that her husband had agreed to the operation. She despaired of restoring happiness to the family and the problems returned. Boheira took advantage of the opportunity and got close to the engineer. Hoda worked to restore peace between the two married people; however Samiha was aware that Boheira was competing in dance and soccer. Recently she had had a nervous breakdown and thought Hoda was having a relationship with her husband. She made Hoda leave the house to prevent them from talking to each other; this left Boheira alone with the engineer and it strengthened their relationship. The home was darkened with an air of difficulty. Samiha decided to kill her husband the engineer because she thought he was betraying her. However both she and Boheira were hurt in an accident. The engineer discovered Hoda's love for him and and her sacrifice, and he married her. Directed by Seif Eddine Shawkat.

Cast and Crew: Hind Rostom, Yehia Chahine, Mariam Fakhr Eddine, Ferdoos Mohammed, Seif Eddine Shawkat

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