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Shafiqah the Copt

Shafiqa the Copt (1963) - (Hind Rostom) Egyptian one-sheet

This biographical film by Egyptian director Hassan Al Imam portrays the life of Shafiqa the Copt, the most famous Egyptian dancer of the early 20th century; it features Hind Rostom in the role of Shafiqa. Shafiqa was obliged to leave her only son in the care of her mother, who had banished Shafiqa from the home in deference to the demands of Shafiqa's conservative father. Although Shafiqa had a vast fortune and some of her best friends were important men in the government, the father did not permit her to see her son. Aziz grew up, came into his prime and fell in love with Soad, the daughter of Prime Minister Asad Pasha, who at the time was himself Known as the greatest lover in his government. Shafiqa formed a relationship with her son later. She invited him many times to her home without telling him she was his mother or that she was a famous dancer. In the presence of his daughter, Asad Pasha was indifferent towards Aziz when he asked for her hand, but in turn the minister was indifferent to his wife because of Shafiqa's influence. He then ordered Aziz imprisoned and abandoned the dancer. Shafiqa's maid Bahia became the minister's consort after the theft of the assets of her mistress. Soad abandoned the life of the world, entered a convent and refused to marry Aziz after his escape from prison. Finally as she was dying in his arms, Aziz realized Shafiqa was his mother. During the film Rostom performs some spectacular dances, including the famous dance of the candelabra.

Cast and crew: Hind Rostom, Zizi El-Badrawy, Hassan Youssef, Fouad El-Mohandes, Hassan Al Imam, Amina Rizk, Hussein Riad, Fakher Fakher, Hamed Morsi, Gamal Ismail, Ibrahim Heshmat, Abdelhalim Nasr, Mohamed Mustafa Samy, Galil Al-Badrawy, Salwa Mahmoud, Abbas Rahmy and Mohammed Abaza.

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