Thursday, January 24, 2013

The Brave Ones (1975)

The Brave Ones [al-shaga'an] (1992) - (Mahmoud Yassine) Egyptian film poster

This film was directed by Tareq Al-Nahry with screenplay and dialogue also by Tareq Al-Nahry. Cinematography was by Ibrahim Saleh. Plot summary: In the context of the intelligence wars between Egypt and Israel a team of Egyptian intelligence men was given a secret mission to abduct a military leader in Greece to get critical information. The secret team was led by Officer Ibrahim and included Officers Mahmoud and Adel. At the same time since there was no guarantee in the matter they sent the three intelligence officers with different visas even though they were brothers. Colonel Ibrahim's daughter Noha went with him, just as Lieutenant Colonel Mohammad's wife Lobna Behgat accompanied him for a honeymoon. During the flight from Cairo to Athens Sergeant Adel met the girl Susan who was going to Greece to work as a disco musician. The official mission for the intelligence team began with the search for the Egyptian spy Fawzi who was cooperating with Israel, to catch him and take him back to Cairo, but Mossad knew about this mission and took counter measures; the Egyptian intelligence team led by Colonel Ibrahim addressed this situation shrewdly and allowed agent Fawzi, who ran an espionage network against Egypt, to abduct and torture Lobna and Noha. When one of them raped Lobna she killed herself with a knife. Colonel Ibrahim confirmed Susan's betrayal and asked her friend Sergeant Adel to kill her and the conflicts continued between the Egyptian commandos and Fawi's espionage network supported by Israeli intelligence. Colonel Ibrahim decided to avenge Egypt and Lobna and rescue Noha, then capture Fawzi to take him back to Cairo for trial.

Cast and crew: Tareq Al-Nahry, Mahmoud Yassine, Amira, Tareq Al-Nahry, Mamdouh Abd El Aleem, Nahla Salama, Amira Abdel Qader, Yousef Fawzy, Ibrahim Saleh, Elshahat Mabrouk, Sahar Ramy

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