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Badia Masabni بديعة مصابني (Nadia Lutfi) - (1975) Egyptian rerelease one-sheet

Badia Masabni (1975) - (Nadia Lutfi) Egyptian rerelease one-sheet

This is a 27" x 39" Egyptian poster by Mohammad Abdel Aziz and Abdel Ghani for the 1975 Hassan Al Imam film Badia Masabni based on a screenplay by Mustafa Samy and starring Nadia Lutfi as Badiaa Masabny. Plot summary: This film portrays one of the most important artistic periods of Egyptian dance, when tens of artists developed performances of Eastern dances. These dancers included Badia Masabni; this film tells her story and how she established the Badia Casino, where she also starred as a dancer. The film also tells the story of the love relationship between Badia and the actor Naguib Rihani and how the two worked together to establish the art of Eastern dance, both as an exhibition art and as a performance component on the comedy stage. Disagreements eventually pulled them apart, leaving Badia burdened with heavy debts and psychological problems. She sold her casino to one of her fellow dancers there, then left Egypt to return to her native Lebanon.

Cast and crew: Imad Hamdi, Nabila Ebeid, Nadia Lutfi, Kamal Al-Shennawi, Hassan Al Imam, Nabil Badr, Nabila Ebeid, Nabil El-Hegrassy, Hussein El Imam, Fouad El-Mohandes, Farida Seif El Nasr, Shafik Galal, Nesrine, Amal Ramzy

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