Thursday, February 6, 2014

The Sixth Day [اليوم السادس] - (Dalida) - (1986)

The Sixth Day [al-yom al-sades] (Dalida) (1962) Egyptian film poster

This is a 27" x 19.5" Egyptian poster made to promote the 1986 Youssef Chahine film The Sixth Day [al-yom al-sades] starring the Franco-Italian singer Dalida (Iolanda Cristina Gigliotti 1933-1987) based on a novel by Andree Chedid with screenplay by Youssef Chahine and cinematography by Mohsen Nasr. Plot summary: This film tells a story set during the 1947 cholera epidemic in Cairo, when it was believed that anyone infected with the disease would die within six days. Sadiqa [Dalida] is a woman who leaves Cairo on a Nile vessel to bury relatives. She has lost everyone in her family and her only remaining hope is her grandson, but he is also afflicted with the disease; when he dies she kills herself, even though she has a young companion on her Nile voyage named Okka [Mohsen Mohieddin] who has fallen in love with her despite the difference in their ages.

Cast and crew: Youssef Chahine, Hamdy Ahmed, Mohamed Mounir, Shouweikar, Dalida, Ahmed Handy, Ibrahim Maher, Mohsen Mohieddin, Mohsen Nasr, Salah El-Saadany, Zaki Abdel Wahab, Hamdy Ahmed, Ibrahim Maher, Andree Chedid, Hesham Abdel Hamid, Hassan El Adl, Youssef al-Ani, Mehget Abdel Rahman, Seif Eddine, Maher Salim, Khaled Al-Haggar, Ezzat Badreddine, Ihab Salem, Maher Essam, Mohamed Dardiri

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