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Street Player [الحريف] (Adel Imam) - (1983)

Street Player [al-harif] (Adel Imam) (1983) Egyptian film poster

Pictured is a 27" x 39" Egyptian poster designed by Samir to promote the 1983 Mohamed Khan 128-minute color film Street Player [al-harif] starring Adel Imam based on a story by Mohamed Khan and Bachir El Dik, screenplay and dialogue by Bachir El Dik and cinematography by Said Sheimy. This early film by Mohamed Khan was his only collaboration with actor Adel Imam. It is about a street sockball player named Fares [Adel Imam], based on the life of a real street player who was known as Barefoot Said. The film depicts his relationship with his divorced wife [Fardous Abdel Hamid], his son from that marriage and his employment situation in a shoe factory. The sets are realistic and true to the times and social class of Barefoot Said and his milieu. Plot Summary: Fares worked in a shoe factory and lived alone in a rooftop room. He had separated from his wife Dalal despite the love between them and their small son. He tried unsuccessfully to restore their relationship. Rizq [Abdula Farghali] bet on him when he competed in matches and won the lion's share of the gambling proceeds, but gave little to Fares. His neighbor on the roof committed murder and the police came to arrest him. Fares was fired from his job because of negligence. His colleague Soad tried to get close to him without success because he loved his divorced wife. He met his old friend Shaaban who had acquired an auto dealership; Shaaban agreed to work with Fares and gave him a Bijou automobile. Fares returned to Dalal so they could do some errands together and educate their son. He also played in a sockball tournament.

Cast and crew: Adel Imam, Fardous Abdel Hamid, Nagah El-Mogui, Salah Nazmi, Hamdi Al Wazir, Abdalla Mahmoud, Abdula Farghali, Zizi Mustafa, Adawi Gheith, Farouk Youssef, Walaa Farid, Hanem Mohamed, Sabri Abdel Moneim, Samiha Tawfik, Haitham Abdel Gawad, Abdullah Mahmoud, Ibrahim Qadry, Sayed Khattab, Sami Islamouni, Hosny Abdul Jalil, Enayat Al-Sayes, Samia Sami, Samir Rostom, Aly Youssef, Shukry Mansour and Hussein Arar.

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