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Silken Chains [سلاسل من حرير] - (Madiha Yousri) - (1962)

Silken Chains (1962) - (Madiha Yousri) Egyptian one-sheet

Pictured is an Egyptian promotional poster designed by Mohammad Abdel Aziz and Hassan Mazhar Gasour for the 1962 110-minute black-and-white Henry Barakat film Silken Chains [salasel men harir] starring Madiha Yousri, based on story and screenplay by Youssef Issa with dialogue by Fathy Abol-Fadl and cinematography by Kamal Korayem. Plot summary: After Hamdi [Muharram Fouad] graduated from music school as a singer he was planning to marry his girlfriend Leila [Zizi El-Badrawy], but Leila's father died after a long illness and her mother decided to marry her to her cousin Anwar. Leila refused to go along with this and remained with Hamdi. A wealthy man named Ahmad [Imad Hamdi] invited Hamdi to a party at his home to hear Faiza [Madiha Yousri] sing. They became friends and she fell in love with him. She tried to disrupt the relationship between Hamdi and Leila and help him become a famous singer. She asked him to marry her, but he told her he would not be happy with her. He knew Leila loved him and that what Faiza had told him about her was not true. Hamdi remained with Leila and Faiza realized she would have to give up the boy she loved, so she left him to his happiness.

Cast and crew: Madiha Yousri, Henry Barakat, Imad Hamdi, Zizi El-Badrawy, Mohamed Reda, Ahmed al-Hadad, Kamal Karim, Yousef Issa, Fathy Abol-Fadl, Kamal Korayem, Muharram Fouad, Abdel Moneim Ibrahim, Zuzu Madi, Ahmed El Haddad, Abdel Khalek Saleh, Zeinat Alawy, Hussein Assar, Ibrahim Heshmat, Anwar Madkour, Abdel Moneim Ismail, Hussein Ismail, Abdel Moneim Bassioni, Ahmed Abaza, Zoheir Sabri, Kamal Korayem

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