Tuesday, October 27, 2015

In Like Flint (1967) - (James Coburn) Italian 2-sheet

In Like Flint (1967) - (James Coburn) Italian two-sheet poster

This is a 39" x 54" Italian two-sheet poster designed by Bob Peak for the 1967 Gordon Douglas film In like Flint written by Hal Fimberg and starring James Coburn as Derek Flint. Plot summary: In this space travel spy spoof Derek Flint is a retired espionage agent who is brought back into service because of an urgent need to defeat the Fabulous Face Organization, a women's group that has decided to establish an international matriarchy to overturn the ruling international patriarcy.

Cast and crew: James Coburn, Jean Hale, Lee J. Cobb, Andrew Duggan, Saul David, Gordon Douglas, Hal Fimberg, Jerry Goldsmith

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