Saturday, October 10, 2015

Negro es mi color (1951) - (Marga Lopez) Mexican one-sheet

Negro es mi color (1951) - (Marga Lopez) Mexican poster

This is a 27" x 37" Mexican poster designed by Josep Reneau Berenguer (1907 - 1982) for the 1951 Tito Davison film Negro es mi color based on a story by Jesus Cardenas, Tito Davison and Gregorio Walerstein and starring Marga Lopez as Luna. This is a musical melodrama with performances by some of the great Mexican artists, including Chucho Navarro with the Trio Los Panchos. Plot summary: A young white woman named Luna is rejected by her fiance Fernando [Roberto Canedo] after she tells him she is the daughter of a black woman [Rita Montaner], but he regrets this later and tries to find her. Josep Reneau Berenguer designed political posters in Spain during the Spanish Civil War, then went into exile in Mexico (1939 - 1958). During that time he was Mexico's most popular film poster artist.

Cast and crew: Tito Davison, Jesus Cardenas, Gregorio Walerstein, Julio Alejandro, Marga Lopez, Josep Renau Berenguer, Rita Montaner, Roberto Canedo, Jose Maria linares-Rivas, Freddy Fernandez, Trio Los Panchos, Raquel Macedas, Xavier Masse, Jorge Trevino, Charles Rooner, Eduardo Acuna, Nicolas Rodriguez, Andres Soler, Miguel Torruco

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