Saturday, February 10, 2018

Day of Anger Lee Van Cleef 1967 Italian locandina

Day of Anger (1967) - (Lee Van Cleef) Italian locandina

This is a 13" x 27.5" country-of-origin Italian locandina poster for the 1967 Tonino Valerii spaghetti western film Day of Anger based on the 1967 Rolf Becker novel Der tod Ritt Dienstags, screenplay by Ernesto Gastaldi, Tonino Valerii and Renzo Genta and starring Giuliano Gemma as Scott Mary. Plot summary: In the late 19th Century sometime after the gunfight at the OK Corral in the town of Clifton Arizona, Scott Mary is a bastard outcast who sweeps floors, cleans toilets and collects trash. Gunfighter Frank Talby [Lee Van Cleef] comes to town and becomes his mentor, but there is a confrontation when Talby kills Scott's old friend Murph [Walter Rilla].

Cast and crew: Tonino Valerii, Ernesto Gastaldi, Renzo Genta, Rolf Becker 1967 novel Der tod Ritt Dienstags, Giuliano Gemma, Lee Van Cleef, Walter Rilla, Christa Linder, Ennio Balbo, Lukas Ammann, Andrea Bosic, Jose Calvo, Pepe Calvo, Giorgio Gargiullo, Anna Orso, Karl-Otto Alberty, Nino Nini, Virgilio Gazzolo, Eleonora Morana, Benito Stefanelli

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