Thursday, November 15, 2018

The X from Outer Space Eiji Okada 1967 Japanese B2 poster

The X from Outer Space (1967) - (Eiji Okada) Japanese B2 Poster

This is a 20" x 28.5" Japanese poster for the 1967 Kazui Nihonmatsu film The X from Outer Space AKA Giant Space Monster Guilala based on a screenplay by Eibi Motomochi, Monyoshi Ishida and Kazui Nihonmatsu and starring Eiji Okada as Dr. Kato. Plot summary: Japanese authorities send a spaceship to Mars to look into reports about UFOs. During the mission an alien vessel sprays spores on the ship. When the spaceship returns to earth one of the spores grows into a giant fire-spitting monster known as Guilala.

Cast and crew: Kazui Nihonmatsu, Eiji Okada, Shun'ya Wazaki, Toshinari Kazusaki, Itoka Harada, Peggy Neal, Franz Gruber, Mike Daneen, Shin'ichi Yanagisawa, Keisuke Sonoi, Toraniko Hamada, Hiroshi Fujioka

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