Friday, November 8, 2019

Bathing Beauty 1944 Red Skelton Lebanese rerelease 1-sheet

Bathing Beauty (1944) - (Red Skelton) Lebanese rerelease one-sheet

This isa 27" x37.5" undated Lebanese rerelease one-sheet poster for the 1944 George Sidney film Bathing Beauty based on a story by Kenneth Earl, M. M. Musselman and Chris Kenyon adapted by Joseph Schrank with screenplay by Dorothy Kingsley, Allen Boretz and Frank Waldman and starring Red Skelton as Steve Elliot. Plot summary: Steve Elliot enrolls as the only male student at a women's college as part of a scheme to win back his fiance Caroline Brooks [Esther Williams] who teaches there.

Cast and crew: George Sidney, Kenneth Earl, M. M. Musselman, Curtis Kenyon, Joseph Schrank, Dorothy Kingsley, Allen Borentz, Frank Waldman, George Oppenheimer, Red Skelton, Esther Williams, Basil Rathbone, Bill Goodwin, Jean Porter, Nana Bryant, Carlos Ramirez, Ethel Smith, Xavier Cugat, Lina Romay, Harry James, Helen Forest, Donald Meek, Jacqueline Dalya, Francis Pierlot

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