Friday, November 8, 2019

Magnificent Chivalry 1971 Jimmy Wang Yu Taiwan poster

Magnificent Chivalry (1971) - (Jimmy Wang Yu) Taiwan one-sheet

This is a 21" x 31" Taiwan poster for the 1971 Lee Chiu film Magnificent Chivalry AKA Du hang da biao ke written by Hsiao-Ling Chen and starring Jimmy Wang Yu as Tung Lin. Plot summary: The Imperial Fund has been stolen while passing through the district of Shi-Fu and Tung Lin infiltrates the gang.

Cast and crew: Lee Chiu, Su Li, Hsiao-Ling Chen, Jimmy Wang Yu, Ching Ching Chang, Yeh Tien, Chung Shun Chang, Hui Lou Chen, Jun Chen, Pei Ling Chen, Ching Feng Chiang, Wan Hsi Chen, Ching Feng Chiang, Wan Hsi Chin, Han Hsieh, Tien Miao, Mao Shan, Jen-Ping Su, Leslie Sun, Lai Wang

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