Monday, November 4, 2019

Cannibal Terror 1980 French Medium Poster

Cannibal Terror (1980) - () Egyptian one-sheet

This is a 19.5" x 27.5" French medium poster for the 1980 Alain Durelle film Cannibal Terror written by Jesús Franco and starring Silvia Solar as Madame Danville. Plot summary: Two crooks are running away from cannibals in a jungle area where they have kidnapped a girl and raped the wife of a friend.

Cast and crew: Alain Deruelle, Olivier Mathot, Julio Pérez Tabernero, Jesús Franco, H.L. Rostaine, Silvia Solar, Gérard Lemaire, Bertrand Altmann, Stan Hamilton, Antoine Fontaine, Antonio Mayans, Michel Laury, Annabelle, Mariam Camacho, Antonio Jover, Amparo Marsilla, Montserrat Salvador, Sabrina Siani

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