Sunday, December 14, 2014

Destry (R1959) - (Audie Murphy) Italian four-sheet

Destry (R1959) - (Audie Murphy) Italian four-sheet

This is a 55" x 79" Italian four-sheet poster made to promote a 1959 rerelease of the 1954 George Marshall film Destry based on a story by Max Brand and starring Audie Murphy as Tom Destry. Plot summary: A small frontier town gets a new sheriff, who sends for Tom Destry to help him keep order. Destry does not carry a gun, but he soon brings peace to the troubled little town.

Cast and crew: George Marshall, Max Brand, Felix Jackson, Audie Murphy, Mari Blanchard, Lyle Bettger, Thomas Mitchell, Edgar Buchanan, Lori Nelson, Wallace Ford, Mary Wickes, Alan Hale Jr., George Wallace, Richard Reeves, Walter Baldwin, Lee Aaker, Anthony Lawrence, Frank Richards

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