Saturday, December 27, 2014

White Slave Ship (1962) - (Pier Angeli) Italian two-sheet

White Slave Ship (1962) - (Pier Angeli) Italian two-sheet

This is an Italian two-sheet poster made to promote the 1962 Sylvio Amadio film White Slave Ship [l'ammutinamento] based on a story by Sandro Continenza and Marcello Coscia and starring Pier Angeli as Polly. Plot summary: In 1675 the slave ship Albatross is bound for the New World with a cargo of political prisoners and women convicts who are to be sold into slavery. There is a mutiny, a counter-mutiny and then a rescue by a British warship.

Cast and crew: Silvio Amadio, Sandro Continenza, Macello Coscia, Pier Angeli, Edmund Purdom, Armand Mestral, Ivan Desny, Franco Capucci, Renato Speziali, Michele Girardon, Franca Parisi, Mirko Ellis, Mair Pia Luzi, Paoloa Petrini, Ruth von Hagen, Ivy Holzer, Renato Mambor, Renato Montalbano

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