Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Sharks (R1979) - (Lee Majors) Italian four-sheet

Sharks (R1979) - (Lee Majors) Italian four-sheet

This is a two-piece 55" x 77" Italian four-sheet poster made to promote a 1979 rerelease of a 1977 Universal Alan J. Levi Television production which aired in two parts on 11 and 18 September as episodes 80 and 81 of The Six Million Dollar Man, based on novel by Martin Caidin, screenplay by Fred Freiberger and starring Lee Majors as Col. Steve Austin. The Italian title on the poster is Squali.

Cast and crew: Alan J. Levi, Richard Anderson, Lee Majors, Pemela Hensley, Martin E. Brooks, William Sylvester, Josh Taylor, Marc Alaimo, John de Lancie, Stephen Elliott, David Mark Glicker, Tim Haldeman, Gene D. Jackson, Kopi Sotiropulos, Gregory Walcott, Frank Whiteman

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