Thursday, December 18, 2014

Kansas City Bomber (1972) - (Raquel Welch) Italian two-sheet

Kansas City Bomber (1972) - (Raquel Welch) Italian two-sheet

Pictured is a 39" x 54" Italian two-sheet poster for the 1972 Jerrold Freedman film Kansas City Bomber based on a story by Calvin Clements Sr. and Thomas Rickman and starring Raquel Welch as K.C. Carr. Plot summary: K.C. Carr leaves her Kansas City Missouri roller skating team to join the Portland Loggers in Portland Oregon. After the move she encounters conflicts between her desire to succeed professionally as a skater and her personal relationship with the owner of the Loggers team.

Cast and crew: Jerrold Freedman, Calvin Clements Sr., Thomas Rickman, Raquel Welch, Kevin McCarthy Helena Kallianoiotes, Norman Alden, Jeanne Cooper, Katherine Pass, Martine Bartlett, Cornelia Sharpe, William Gray Espy, Richard Lane, Russ Martin, Stephen Manley, Jodie Foster, Georgia Schmidt, Shelly Novack

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