Sunday, January 18, 2015

Africa Screams (1949) - (Abbott and Costello) US #4 Lobby Card

Africa Screams (1949) - (Abbot and Costello) US #4 Lobby Card

This the 11" x 14" #4 lobby card for the 1949 Charles Barton film Africa Screams starring Bud Abbott and Lou Costello based on story and screenplay by Earl Baldwin. Plot summary: Bookseller Buzz Johnson [Bud Abbott] tells Diana Emerson that another bookseller named Stanley Livington [Lou Costello] knows a lot about Africa. This false bragging causes the two of them to be abducted to Africa because Diana and her gang need help locating an African tribe. While in Africa they encounter lions, apes and a raging river, but Stanley also finds some diamonds.

Cast and crew: Charles Barton, Bud Abbott, Lou Costello, Clyde Beatty, Frank Buck, Max Baer, Buddy Baer, Earl Baldwin, Hillary Brooke, Shemp Howard, Joe Besser, Burt Wenland

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