Wednesday, January 21, 2015

The Amazing Transparent Man (1959) - (Douglas Kennedy) US one-sheet

The Amazing Transparent Man (1959) - (Douglas Kennedy) US one-sheet

This is a US one-sheet for the 1959 Edgar G. Ulmer film The Amazing Transparent Man based on the 1956 Richard Matheson novel The Shrinking Man with screenplay by Jack Lewis and starring Douglas Kennedy as Joey Faust, the transparent man. Plot summary: Former US Army Major Paul Krenner [James Griffith], a deranged fellow with delusions of grandeur, forces immigrant scientist Peter Ulof [Ivan Triesault] to develop a technique for making people invisible with the use of radiation so he can create an army of invisible soldiers. Krenner needs radium for experiments to perfect the procedure, so with the help of his colleague Laura Matson [Maguerite Chapman] he enables a prison escape for convicted safecracker Joey Faust and uses the new technique to make him invisible so he can send him on a mission to steal some radium from a nuclear vault.

Cast and crew: Marguerite Chapman, Douglas Kennedy, James Griffith, Ivan Triesault, Edgar G. Ulmer, Jack Lewis, Boyd Morgan, Cormel Daniel, Edward Erwin, Jonathan Ledford, Norman Smith, Patrick Cranshaw, Kevin Kelly, Denis Adams, Stacy Morgan

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