Wednesday, January 21, 2015

American Gigolo (1980) - (Richard Gere) US LC set

The American Gigolo (1980) - (Richard Gere) US LC set

This is a set of 11" x 14" lobby cards for the 1980 Paul Schrader film American Gigolo based on a story by Paul Schrader and starring Richard Gere as the gigolo Julian. Plot summary: Julian, a prosperous LA area professional female escort, begins a personal relationship on the side with Michelle [Lauren Hutton]. When one of his clients is murdered he comes under close police scrutiny.

Cast and crew: Richard Gere, Lauren Hutton, Paul Schrader, Hector Elizondo, Nina van Pallandt, Bill Duke, Brian Davies, K Callan, Tom Stewart, Patricia Carr, David Cryer, Carole Cook, Carol Bruce, Frances Bergen, Macdonald Carey, William Dozier

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