Saturday, April 11, 2015

Fellini's Orchestra Rehearsal (1978) - (dir: Federico Fellini) US one-sheet

Orchestra Rehearsal (1979) - (dir: Federico Fellini) US one-sheet

This is a 27" x 41" US one-sheet poster designed by an unknown artist for the 70-minute 1978 Federico Fellini film Orchestra Rehearsal based on screenplay by Federico Fellini from a story by Federico Fellini and Brunello Rondi and starring Balduin Baas as the conductor. Plot summary: In Rome an orchestra is holding a rehearsal in a medieval chapel, with a TV crew present to document the event. There is friendly banter among the musicians about the role and importance of the various instruments; then the conductor leads them through selected passages from works in the repertoire. There is quarrelling over conflicts between some of the things the conductor asks the musicians to do and what is allowed under union rules, and then a break in the rehearsal to relieve tension. The conductor is new to the group and his rapport with the players leaves something to be desired. After the break he returns to find the orchestra members have rallied against him.

Cast and crew: Brunello Rondi, Federico Fellini, Balduin Baas, Clara Colosimo, Elizabeth Labi, Ronaldo Bonacchi, Ferdinando Villella, Franco Iavarone, David Maunsell, Francesco Aluigi, Andy Miller, Sibyl Mostert, Franco Mazzieri, Daniele Pagani, Luigi Uzzo, Cesare Martignon, Umberto Zuanelli

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